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Hiring a UPS sized van/lorry for the day

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RockingRosebud Mon 25-Aug-03 21:01:05

We need to hire a large van/UPS sized lorry for the day. We would like to drive it 200 miles and leave it at the other end.

Does anyone know of any national companies that do this please?

Also has anyone done it and do you remember the cost.


helenmc Mon 25-Aug-03 21:35:57

ryder used to but it was years and years ago when we got our first house.

Eeek Mon 25-Aug-03 22:18:16

there are loads of companies who'll rent you a van for a while, try yellow pages. Salford Van Hire used to be good as did BRS Truck Rental. It'll cost more if you only want it one way (obviously they have to take it home at some point). For the bigger vans (over 7.5 tonnes) you need a special licence so check out what will suit you best. They're fairly easy to drive - just get them to show you the gears and be careful on corners or your belongings end up on the floor!

SueW Mon 25-Aug-03 22:54:41

Do you mean a Luton Van?

If so try searching

'luton van' hire


'luton box van' hire

on, click UK only and it will bring up a selection of companies offering various van rentals.

RockingRosebud Mon 25-Aug-03 22:54:51

Hi, well we could always bring it back with us but we are staying for a week so would really like a national company that wouldn't mind us dropping it off somewhere in the NW (Manchester/Chester area).

I suppose I could also look at local vans for hire with drivers and see what someone would charge for the day, that may work out cheaper.

Twink Tue 26-Aug-03 07:21:24

I hired a van with Kenning (now Sixt) on a one-way hire years ago. It is an expensive way of doing things but I couldn't afford the time to do there & back then a train journey back again IYSWIM. I've just had a look at their FAQ's and they still do it.

Since then I've had a luton van and a 7.5 tonner (largest you can drive without an HGV licence) but both times took it back myself. I've a vague recollection of paying about £150 for the big one but it was about 8 years ago

RockingRosebud Tue 26-Aug-03 08:45:19

twink that's brilliant thanks, phoning them now.

zebra Tue 26-Aug-03 10:04:16

Ooh! We have just researched this, too. One-way hire seems to be about £300 per van; wherease we can do a roundtrip for less than £50/day. We are going to get 2 Lutons, drive over & back, and train it the next day. Maybe when DH gets a paid job we'll have the luxury of one-way hires, one day in the unforeseeable future. I'm willing to drive a 7.5 tonner, but DH isn't sure he's willing to let me!

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