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Virgin gave my phone number to a new customer!

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Silkstalkings Fri 19-Nov-10 16:30:56

Am I allowed to name and shame?
A few weeks ago Virgin accidentally cut off my cable phoneline (broadband still worked somehow) and gave my phone number to a new customer! We found out because our friends and family kept telling us they had spoken to a strange woman. Have been with Virgin for 4yrs and was so flippin angry and upset I decided not to let them anywhere near my home again. They are refunding the few quid of lost service but that's about it, they don't really seem interested. Strange woman still has my phone number and I am now with BT but still absolutely lividangry.

Thank you for listening.

scurryfunge Fri 19-Nov-10 16:33:51

Unless you have a lot of stationery abd business stuff already printed up, is it such a big deal. Surely you just notify everyone of a new number. I'd be miffed but not livid.

nocake Fri 19-Nov-10 16:44:34

Everyone know that Virgin are sh1t so I'm not surprised. Their customer service ranks somewhere between shockingly bad and British Gas.

littleducks Fri 19-Nov-10 16:48:56

I had this with talk talk when we transferred our number to SKY. It didnt transfer and they gave it to someone else. It wasn't even their number first, we 'took' it with us from BT.

It was really irritating, our number went from 628888, so easy peasy to remember to something I never learnt.

Silkstalkings Fri 19-Nov-10 17:03:42

It's really upsetting to phone your own number and get someone else! Feels at the time like you're in some ID fraud action movie, you don't know what's going on. I spent that day in tears trying to get through to them and trying to get them to understand and take it seriously. I'm angry now because they made me so upset and that they've done nothing about it at her end.

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