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Any House & Garden subscribers - help needed!

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Gilli Sun 03-Aug-03 22:37:16

I know this will sound mad, but the other day at the hairdressers I was flicking through a recent copy of H&G when I saw my ideal kitchen table. It was a small box article with a b/w photo of a metal table and chairs, saying how this company was making contemporary metalwork for use inside or outside the house. Problem is, the company was called something beginning with 'Heven.....' and I can't for the life of me remember the rest, and hairdressers can't locate magazine. I don't think it was this month's issue, although I will check with newsagent tomorrow. I am desperate to track down the company, which had a website, so if there are any regular readers on Mumsnet who recognise my description I would be REALLY grateful! Know it's a very long shot, though....

princesspeahead Sun 03-Aug-03 23:31:40

don't know the article but do know a company which make modern iron furniture.... should do it for you!


Gilli Mon 04-Aug-03 23:20:38

Princesspeahead - you are a total STAR!!! That's the name - thank you SO much: mumsnet does it again!!!

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