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^Only^ ^Child^ magazine

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BoccaDellaVerita Wed 07-Jan-09 14:12:30

While looking for something else, I found this magazine. The only magazines I buy are gardening ones, but does anyone here subscribe to this?

ahfeckit Wed 07-Jan-09 19:33:30

have never seen it before, but wouldn't subscribe to it anyway. some of the information wouldn't always be relevant, esp if it's published outside the UK.

good idea though, means other parents can read anything they are worried about in regards to raising an only.

Jacksmama Wed 07-Jan-09 19:35:20

huh - i hadn't seen it but might subscribe to the PDF version so we can all share it in the tearoom
thanks Bocca!

CarGirl Wed 07-Jan-09 19:36:05

isn't that the purpose of "Junior"?

GrimmaTheNome Wed 07-Jan-09 19:41:18

As the mother of an only (and the wife of another) this strikes me as something totally missable!

LynetteScavo Wed 07-Jan-09 19:44:49

Oh Purleeeeze!!!!

BoccaDellaVerita Wed 07-Jan-09 19:45:07

I've always found all parenting magazines completely missable - well, I did buy one once for the sake of the free toy on the front - but I was interested to know what others thought!

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