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PoppyHxx Tue 26-Mar-19 14:32:47

So I have 8 weeks left of Maternity my daughter is 5 months old. The plan was always to find a part time job to work around my partners full time hours , for the extra income. My partners has been suffering with his back very badly , to the point where hes taking a lot of time off of work. I hate that hes in pain (please no judgement if I dont sound loving enough towards my partner , I do love him) i feel really sad at the fact that he may not be able to work & I may have to start working full time , and he care for our child full time. I wont get to be the mother ive always wanted to be and i will miss out on so many moments.Im not really asking anything , just expressing my feelings

Originofstars Tue 26-Mar-19 15:03:57

I went back full time when my child was 6m old. He was cared for by my mum. I didn't feel I missed out on anything at all. I used to love the big hug I got when I picked him up each evening.

snarfblatt Tue 26-Mar-19 21:59:15

OP I had a similar thing in that my partner and I were both working ft after mat leave ended at 8 months but my partner lost a job a month later and ended up being a SAHP to our DC. It wasn't the 'plan' and I do feel sad sometimes that I'm out for so much of the week (London commute so it's 55+ hours per week I'm not at home) and miss so much of my DC's life. But it's been great for them to really bond, and has also taken pressure off me in terms of racing around for nursery drop offs etc. I make sure I take annual leave to give my partner a bit of a break from time to time but also more selfishly to get time with my DC. And it's a great example to set for your child smile Try not to feel too bad as you don't know what the future may bring, but what I would say is will your partner have any support at all? Caring for a baby and then toddler full time with a bad back could be challenging in its own way (my partner gets bad back occasionally but also has poor mental health so that can be very difficult). Good luck!

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