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If your child came home from nursery wearing a different nappy, would you....

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Ceebee74 Tue 09-Mar-10 20:22:07

ring up to complain and find out why??

We leave a supply of nappies at nursery and if they run out that day, my boys have often come home in a different nappy - I always assumed they have run out (although they usually write it in the book) and send some more in - it wouldn't even occur to me to ring up to complain about it. I would rather they were changed into a different nappy than left in a wet/dirty one because there were none left!!

Was chatting to another mum at a party at the weekend and she was telling me this story about how her DD came home in a different nappy (along the tone of '...and it was a Huggies one and I use Pampers so I rung up....') - I was hmm at it as surely there are more important things to worry about??

Yes, it means another baby is a nappy short but I assume they will use one of mine for another baby in the same situation so it probably evens itself out.

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onepieceoflollipop Tue 09-Mar-10 20:27:48

I bet that other mum isn't that popular with the nursery!

In that position I would assume that the nursery had used spares/temporarily borrowed from another packet. If they forgot to write in the book it would be a prompt to me (i.e. the child in a different nappy, if I even noticed tbh) to send more in the next day.

Imo (possibly wrongly) parents that make a big fuss about very minor things do not do their child any favours. I think it can result in the nursery staff being preoccupied with inconsequential things and "bigger" things can get missed/forgotten.

e.g. nursery worker panicking that the dc has been put in a pampers then doesn't get time to write properly in the book or forgets something else leading to more complaints from the mother/parent.

LadyintheRadiator Tue 09-Mar-10 20:30:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

muppetgirl Tue 09-Mar-10 20:37:50

I love our nusery...
we don't have to provide nappies, formula and they do ds's washing so I never get a bag of dirty washing.

I would say if it bothers you then ring, if it doesn't then don't. Can you forget about it or will it be a niggle that you may bring up at a later date if something else annoys you?

Ceebee74 Tue 09-Mar-10 20:41:12

Muppet sorry, not sure if you have misunderstood my OP - I don't care one jot if my DS comes home in a different nappy, I was just saying I was surprised that another mother would be so bothered that they would actually ring up.

Lollipop I agree with you that some parents obsessions with the little things mean that the staff are having to focus more on minor things.

Another time, I was collecting DS2 from the baby room and the supervisor came in to ask one of the staff if one of the other children had eaten all their tea because the parent was on the phone and it had not been written in the book - again I was shock that someone would go to the bother of ringing up to find that out....but maybe I just take relaxed parenting to the other extreme grin

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muppetgirl Tue 09-Mar-10 20:44:29

oops! Too busy watching Holby blush

No I wouldn't complain if it were to happen. I agree with you that I'd rather my dc came home in a clean nappy!

preggersplayspop Tue 09-Mar-10 20:50:04

Same system at our nursery. I wouldn't even think of phoning up to find out. Like you said, it would even itself out in the end and there are much more important things you would rather the staff were thinking about.

cookielove Tue 09-Mar-10 21:25:03

At my nursery we now supply the nappies, but before we moved to the new place the parents had to provide nappies, cream and bags. The only parent that would have complained if we had put the wrong nappy on them would have been x parents who said he was allergic to all nappies but pampers, which was fine, except they almost always let them run out, even after countless letters home asking for more supplies. So he often went in other nappies, as we had nothing else.

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