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Kids Allowed in Cheadle

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saranya Wed 09-Sep-09 11:06:26

I was wondering if anyone knew about or had used Kids Allowed in Cheadle. My son started there in July and is not setlling. He is 18months, and goes for 2 sessions a week. He's with a childminder the rest of the week - and loves it. I just thought a little bit more contact with children would be good for him. I was very impressed with the nursery when I first went - great facilities and low staff turnover, but am not sure now if it is too large - a little impersonal maybe? I'd like to hear from anyone who has used the nursery just to see what you think.

Nicocacola Mon 14-Sep-09 19:09:43

I don't know much about the cheadle nursery other than that it's a lot busier than some of the other branches. Overall from what I've seen of a different branch I've been impressed, but granted I'm not a parent. The branch I've seen seems well run and very comprehensive regarding policies, procedures and practice, which must surely be the same across the centres. I know they have extremely high standards for their staff, but like you say it is a large nursery. maybe try sticking it out for a little while longer and then perhaps if your son still doesn't settle maybe you could try him at a nursery when he's a bit older? he might just not be ready for that jump from more personalised homely care to the nursery environment.

Is he upset a lot during the day? Does he have times when he is settled and plays? You should ask to see his learning journey, it should have lots of pictures and observations in and might give you a bit more of a insight into how he is during the day IYSWIM?

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