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DS 22 months refusing to eat or sleep at nursery.

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LoveFalafel Tue 04-Aug-09 20:25:40

We have recently moved from Liverpool to London and DS 22 months started at a nursery 3 weeks ago. He goes 3 days a week. Previously he had a nanny in Liverpool so I understand it is a totally new environment for him. Anyway he is refusing to eat or sleep at nursery. By the time I pick him up at 5pm he is really hungry and so I make him dinner and he eats loads then (he has always been a relatively good eater at home)

Other than the eating/sleeping issue he seems generally happy at nursery now. The first couple of weeks he cried when I dropped him off but this week he has been fine and the staff say that he doesn't cry during the day except when they try and encourage him to eat/sleep.

Has anyone else experienced this? Its the eating I am more worried about. Did your DCs eventually start eating? I am worrying now that I have made the wrong decision in sending him to nursery but I thought that he might enjoy it more now that he is older as he can interact with the other children there. It upsets me to think of him not eating anything all day.

K999 Tue 04-Aug-09 20:27:45

He may be over-stimulated? Therefore may not want to wind eating and sleeping. Its all new to him and tbh I would not worry it he is eating and sleeping at home...he will soon get back into a routine! smile

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