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Ds (2) needs a fancy dress outfit next week for nursery - any ideas

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bobbybob Thu 24-Mar-05 08:05:42

The director of ds's nursery is moving away and they are having a fancy dress day to celebrate.

So any suggestions within the following constraints:

No face paint - allergic
No masks - won't keep on for more than 5 minutes, can't have most elastic anyway so more trouble than worth.
Not too hot - has to wear it all day (have a fabulous elephant costume I have been saving for him, but made out of polar fleece and he will boil)
I have no sewing machine.

Oh, I wish he was a girl and I just stick a tutu, a pair of wings and a tiara and voila - instant fairy.

Yorkiegirl Thu 24-Mar-05 08:07:56

Message withdrawn

soapbox Thu 24-Mar-05 08:11:44

Pirates are very popular at that age!

Pair of cut of trousers with raggedy bottoms, white top, red scarf tied round waist and a hankerchief or bandana on head. Eye patch if he will tolerate it!

soapbox Thu 24-Mar-05 08:12:09

cut off

Merlot Thu 24-Mar-05 08:16:14

Agree - Pirates are a good choice. Or a King. Crown and a cloak and its obvious what they are.

bobbybob Thu 24-Mar-05 08:26:34

Like the king idea as he can take it off later.

I refuse to do Bob the Builder as everyone will be expecting it.

Any unisex ideas?

Tissy Thu 24-Mar-05 09:35:16

Noddy- red top, blue shorts, scarf of yellow fabric with painted red dots, blue hat with a bell sewn on.The only thing that would need sewing is the hat, and you wouldn't need a machine for that.

nutcracker Thu 24-Mar-05 09:36:06

Woolies actually do a Noddy costume now.

Chandra Sat 02-Apr-05 17:15:38

I've got a Noddy costume from Woolworths, it was about 12 pounds. It comes with hat, shirt, trousers and shoes.

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