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When to start nursery ?

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bikerunski Wed 24-Sep-08 16:55:58

DS (my only child) is 17 days old. I am off work until 1 Sep next year, and I will return three days a week. We have found a nursery which we love and I am keen to get him registered asap. How long before I go back to work should he start, to get used to it before i start work again? I was thinking maybe 4 weeks before hand, starting with a couple of half days and building up to three whole days (which is what he will do when I go back to work)? Thanks.

RubySlippers Wed 24-Sep-08 17:01:32

your nursery will have a settling in period and will discuss it with you

if you have found a nursery you love then get his registered ASAP

good nurseries can get over subscribed quickly

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