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DS (3) changing nursery - any tips? (He's a sensitive wee soul)

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mamamaggie Fri 01-Aug-08 13:16:15

We are moving our boys (3 and 1) to a new nursery that is much closer to where we live. I have no worries about DS2 as he'll just get on with things. DS1 (3 yrs) however, has been going to his old nursery, which was very small and caring, since he was 6 months. Does anyone know how I can prepare him for a happy move? I am starting to feel really bad about moving him, and am all worried that he'll drift around aimlessly on his first long day...

susj Tue 05-Aug-08 12:05:02

I am just doing exactly the same thing. And i am feeling really emotional about it. My boy is 3 and he is really happy at his current nursery but can't stay there because of my husbands change of job. I realised yesterday that all that needs to happen is for him to form some sort of attachment to the nursery ladies - that is why he is happy in the old place because he is really fond of them. This will take a little time but it will happen.

I hope.

I am sure.

mummy31 Wed 20-Aug-08 22:02:35

i moved my 2 and half year old - last year - was really worried - sold her the idea that now she is a big girl, going to big girls nursery because she is soooooooo clever, this along with settling in sessions - taken by dad as too clingy for me to have taken her!! funny she was much better about being left in a new place as long as mum was not leaving her!! nan and dad took her and she was just fab!! the nursery also helped as they were very upbeat and had new welcome songs to learn etc - we talked about it all the time - she was just fine!!!
good luck!!

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