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DME2 Mon 18-Jan-21 15:08:05

Hey Mama, Papa's, Carers!
We are looking at nurseries in Wanstead and new to the area. We are looking at Kindred, Treehouse (I think they have 3 sites - a Montessori) and Little Bears.

Is Montessori much different?

We want somewhere that provides good nutrition and where key workers are loving and caring. Perhaps smaller classes but with lots going on / activities etc. Our daughter will be turning 2 soon. Can you help us decide? It really is a struggle without seeing them - some offering virtual appts but would like real honest advice. Some ofsted reports not great on Treehouse. Thank you.

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sorrysaywhatnow Thu 21-Jan-21 17:58:08

You may be better off asking for recommendations on the local Facebook sites, there's a Wanstead and South Woodford recommends one and also Wanstead community hub, you'll get much more local knowledge there in my experience!

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