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Nursery ofsted report

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Greygoose21 Sat 04-Jul-20 15:40:16


I’m going to view a nursery next week. Booked a viewing before I read anything about it. I’ve just came across an ofsted report (concerns) as the nursery had reported a worker for doing something. They apparently did the correct thing by reporting the incident but did not follow the correct proceedings immediately after the incident. It’s very complicated to read and doesn’t go into much detail of what has actually happened. Other than that it seems to be good (I hope)
What right do I have to ask questions about the incident? Can they refuse to give me information on what happened. Can I ask if the staff member involved still works there ? (Fuking hope she doesn’t)
Any thoughts?
I’m in two minds wether to even go next week. I feel like that report has really but me off.

Thanks x

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Mysterian Sat 04-Jul-20 18:15:42

You can ask, but confidentiality might mean they can't answer in the way you'd like. They might say something like "there was an issue with a staff member. They have left. Ofsted investigated and said we broadly followed the correct procedure but not exactly. We know what to do in future." or something, then say they're unable to say more.
You might need to read between the lines.

Apple40 Sat 04-Jul-20 19:40:34

I think you need to ask yourself if you are already worried /put off will you ever really trust the nursery even if the staff member has left ?

But something to think about now there has been an issue that need reporting there safeguarding policies and practices will have all been updated and so could be very robust now.

You will not be told what happened or who the staff member was, they may or may not say if they left. It could be a big concern or something like door left unlocked etc

LoisLittsLover Sat 04-Jul-20 19:44:02

If it was. Me I would focus on asking what they have done as a result of the issues raised ie have managers been on additional training, have they put new policies in place etc.

CherryTreesandSeaswimming Tue 07-Jul-20 09:16:37

Similar happened at my DDs Nursery but not exactly.

A child had an accident which need to be reported to the HSE at the council but they forgot to inform Ofsted which is procedure as an amublance was called and the accident was Nursery's fault (I know the parent of the child involved). They've now put procedures in place so it doesn't happen again but aren't allowed to discuss the incident even though there is a similar letter to the one you read when you go onto the Nursery's ofsted page.

Could be as simple as that? No malice was intended the child involved returned to nursery the following week once parents where satisfied that it wouldn't happen again and to my knowledge it hasn't.

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