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Looking for careers advice from people who work in a nursery.

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imperialqueen Fri 10-Aug-18 20:38:02

I have recently qualified to work in a nursery (I am a childminder at the momemt).

I have been to 8 interviews over the past few weeks. They have all been for an early years assistant's post apart from one which was a nursery nurses job (which is what I really want). I have been unsuccessful at all interviews.

Feedback has been I did a good interview (not sure I believe this) but it went to someone with nursery experience (not sure I believe that either as why interview me in the first place), other feed back has been you came second as the person who got the job went into more detail in some of their answers. .

One of the posts I didn't get phoned me last week and offered me the job (I am presuming the person who got the job ahead of me, for whatever reason, never started in the job.) She said she was now offering me the job as I did a really good interview and came second, so the job was now mine if I wanted it.

I have accepted the offer verbally but am now having doubts. The job is an early years support assistants job and only 12 hours a week. At the moment I child mind full time and earn much more that the early years support assistants role at 12 hours a week.

I could afford the new reduced wage for a few months but not for much longer. I am concerned that I am so rubbish at interviews that I don't secure a full time job in a nursery environment. On the other hand I feel if I was working in a nursery then I will feel more confident in future interviews and I may even get help/advice from the nursery staff about how to answer the questions in the interview.

I have arranged to volunteer in a nursery one day a week. So, if I stay childminding then I will also be volunteering in a nursery one day a week. I am hoping this one day experience might be enough to get me more interviews and more knowledge on what the interview panels are looking for in the answers to their questions.

Sorry, I have rambled and not sure what advice I am looking for. The indecision I have over whether to take the job is awful.

Welliejellie Fri 10-Aug-18 22:06:28

In my experience of nuresries. You won't do your 12 contracted hours for long, they will have you doing over time.,covering staff holidays sickness etc

imperialqueen Fri 10-Aug-18 22:44:49

Do you think so Wellie? Thanks for advice. It is a local authority nursery and I know they have staff on a supply list. Still maybe there is hope. Thanks.

IGiorni Sat 11-Aug-18 19:02:26

I agree, I started my current role on 15 hours last week and I now do 40. Nearly every member of staff does a few hours of overtime each week. I’m not knocking childminders at all, I use one for my son, but being in a nursery environment is completely different and the experience will make you much more confident at interviews. My son’s childminder has said to me before that she doesn’t know how I manage with so many children, and she likes working on her own and being her own boss. Maybe the interviewers have come across similar views before and are wary?

imperialqueen Sat 11-Aug-18 21:35:13

Igior thanks for info. I am scared about taking this leap into the kind of unknown! This could possibly be coming across in interviews. I think just my lack of knowledge on how to answer the questions are coming across but you are right. Could be a bit of both.

I have been thinking that once working in a nursery I will feel much more confident in interviews and have more knowledge to use during my interviews.

My childminding service is due an inspection this week coming! If it goes really badly then think I will be jumping at the nursery job (to avoid going through a care inspectorate inspection by myself again.)

jannier Sun 12-Aug-18 14:56:38

When I've done nursery work I found the struggle was to interest children in themed planning rather than follow their interests I really found it limiting to both the child and me as the insistence was on following planning and not adapting to child. Once you start you will be fine I think do the 12 hours and keep your registration open while you decide you can always register for bank work if the overtime doesn't happen in this setting.

imperialqueen Sun 12-Aug-18 21:06:59

Jannier - have you also been a childminder or only nursery work? The 12 hours a week is 11am until 2pm everyday so will be hard to fit supply work around those hours.

Thanks for your advice. I am still indecisive {confused}

London28 Mon 13-Aug-18 19:55:15

Those hours sound like a lunch cover role. Where you will be covering staff lunch breaks.

It will give you the experience you desire, but if you have a level three qualification then you should be looking at an Early Years Educator role (former Nursery Nurse) rather than a Nursery Assistant role.

Good luck

imperialqueen Tue 14-Aug-18 00:15:47

Thanks London - yes the lunch time staff never had to have a qualification. The council now want the lunch time cover qualified to level 2. I wasn't getting any of the interviews for the level 3 jobs but got loads of interviews for the lunch time cover level 2 roles.

Think I have decided to stay childminding for this academic year whilst volunteering in a nursery one day a week. Hopefully the volunteering role will lead onto more interviews for level 3 jobs next year.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give me their advice. Much appreciated.

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