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Aibu to swap from nursery to childminder?

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Tumbleweed101 Wed 15-Aug-18 08:17:14

It might be worth speaking to the nursery first to see if they can help with your concerns.

Haypanky Tue 24-Jul-18 17:08:44

Thank u!

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BackforGood Mon 23-Jul-18 23:46:52

If it works for you, and you can find a CMer with vacancies who would like the job, then of course YANBU.

Don't underestimate the logistics working well at the moment.

Haypanky Mon 23-Jul-18 20:39:15

Hi, that's it in a nutshell.

Dd is 3yr 8mth and well settled at nursery, but I would like her to go to the local preschool which is attached to her future school. I can't do the 3pm pick up, so would need a childminder for 3-5.

Other reasons are that nursery is missing a manager at the mo and the kids are running a bit feral, plus with the hot summer they are outside a lot (which is good) but Dd comes back very tired and spends the next 2 days recovering. Meaning she's tatty as heck!

Ds is 14mths and is also happy at nursery, but his sleep is an issue. He wakes crying most nights and is difficult to console and go back to sleep for a few hrs. Tried everything, even a sleep consultant. Conclusion really is that he's overtired. At nursery Mon-Wed he tends to do x2 very short naps, 20-40mins. Compared to at home, x2 1.5hr naps, very easy to get down. So I am wondering whether he may sleep better in a more home type environment.

The down sides are really about uprooting the kids when they're both settled. Dd in particular has her best friend at nursery. The staff there are lovely. The arrangement works well logistically.

I'm really quite confused so interested in views. In particular, have no experience of childminders so would welcome tips on what to look for in a good one / look out for.

Thanks mn! 😁

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