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Xmas presents for nursery staff?

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ladyphoenix Thu 28-Sep-17 10:59:39

I'm new to the nursery thing. My dd goes twice a week and the workers have been really good to her. As we are getting close to Xmas I'm pondering the dreaded gift giving. Do people give gifts? Is so what and to whom?

If there was one person that she was with most of the time I would just do that person but there are about 4/5 staff she interacts with and I don't think it would be fair to leave anyone out.

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Scroobius Thu 28-Sep-17 11:03:10

Send in a big box of biscuits/chocolates that they can all share if you want to give anything. Otherwise it just gets silly.

FineAsWeAre Thu 28-Sep-17 19:06:49

I'd just send biscuits or chocolates as well. At my work we get loads so we just put them all together and then share them out between the staff. Or 1 year a parent gave every member of staff a little bag of mini bath bombs, an inexpensive way of making sure everyone got something and they were lovely.

mindutopia Mon 02-Oct-17 12:48:37

When mine was in nursery, there were about 6-7 staff she was close to. I gave each a christmas card and then did a hamper for them as a lot (tea, coffee, biscuits, chocolate, dried fruit, etc.), something that could either pick from to take home or share amongst themselves in the kitchen. When she was little and first started, I didn't do the cards though as she was too little and barely knew them well enough, just the hamper. It was much appreciated. I've never done individual gifts though except as a leaving present (this was after she had been with them for 4 years, so much easier to chose something for each of them).

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