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Help with nursery choice- Minors (afternoon), Miss Delayney's (morning place), Phileas Fox (9-3pm)

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ella78 Tue 18-Apr-17 15:57:29

Hey Ladies,

I would like your help / opinion / advice please with the list of current nurseries we have for my daughter. Choice of 3 nurseries:

1) The Minors nursery for an AFTERNOON place. My concern here is her ability to sleep earlier every morning before going to nursery.

2) Miss Delaney's nursery - MORNING place confirmed. Concern here is that this nursery seems to feed mainly into Norland place school.

3) Phileas Fox - 9-3.30pm, a brand new nursery in W2. Concern here is that it lacks any track record as it is a new nursery and I am not sure how well they will prepare the children for the 4+ exams.

I would greatly appreciate all thoughts, really!!!

WIth many thanks in advance !


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