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2yr old reluctant to go into Nursery...WWYD?

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BaileysAddict Fri 03-Feb-17 08:39:16

Hi so my just-turned-2yr old has been going to Nursery now for 3 months. Had a few issues with one moody Staff Member and some other minor things but overall I've been fairly happy with it. However, my when we drive through the gates she immediately bursts into tears and sometimes is in hysterics when she's being carried into the room and I'm walking out.
Yesterday was like this. So I hung around for 5 mins and then peered through the window and she was fine watching them blow bubbles... However last time I did this she was still crying. I know almost kids cry at drop off for a while, but after 3 months??? Really worried there's more to it?
The Nursery does have a good reputation although I've heard a few people also having some of the same minor issues I've had. I just don't know what to do? If I move her, it could be somewhere worse?? And will disrupt her. The grass might not be greener.... WWYD?? sad

helterskelter99 Fri 03-Feb-17 08:42:09

He cries every day (4 now been going since he was 1) I trust nursery so therefore I trust them to deal with him Some days he has stopped before I walk round the building other days is worse. I think it's become a habit plus he gets cuddles and one to one from the teacher if he cries which I think he likes!!

MissJSays Thu 09-Feb-17 21:19:40

In my experience parents who hang around (in sight of child) make it sooooo much worse. It's often hard on parents but I promise 'drop, goodbye, and go' is the best way. Does DD have a special relationship with her key person? Or another member of staff, or even another child? Does she have a favourite activity or toy, this can help encourage them to come into nursery. Does she have a cuddly toy, juice cup or dummy from home that can bridge the gap between home and nursery? Some children do struggle! This is normal. The key to resolving it is a strong staff member who is able to handle her transition from home to nursery. It's a good sign if you've spotted her getting on with it and being ok after you 'left.' This is usually the case, children are very clever and know how to make their parents feel bad. They almost all do it at some point, tears at drop off and as soon as mum leaves, they're fine!

fabulous01 Thu 09-Feb-17 21:32:35

Mine are 22 months and have been at nursery a year. I have seen a lot of children settle.
Some are development leaps when they go through a clingy stage but are fine when parent leaves
I saw done where child did not settle and in one case months and months. Child is now 2 and loves it
One where child didn't eat or sleep for months and now settled
Some settle in days
Yours is at clingy age. Drop, turn around and walk. Gosh it is hard but if child hasn't settled nursery should tell you
Take a favourite toy, wear something and leave it for them to smell
And some kids just won't settle in nursery
Good luck. Even after a year mine occasionnaly cry and it is ruddy hard. But when I am getting into car they are absolutely fine and at pick up want to stay

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