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Kiddi caru sleep policy

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Curio1 Wed 02-Nov-16 19:21:37

I've just registered my baby with a Kiddi Caru nursery and been told that their policy is to lie babies on their front to sleep. Is this a national policy, has anyone experienced it please? I have always followed what I thought was the SIDS recommendation to lay my babies on their backs & am bemused by this policy in a National Group. I have asked them to explain so that I can feel reassured, but other than staff saying it stops them choking on sick, there seems no written information at all & I now dont know whether to let them or not.

They must know what they are doing but why have they chosen the opposite to all other advise found online? Is it safe? Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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insancerre Wed 02-Nov-16 21:07:32

Very strange
I'm a nursery manager, though not for kiddi Caru, and we always place babies on their backs as per the guidance
I see no reason why a nursery chain would ignore this
Are you sure you heard them right?

Curio1 Thu 03-Nov-16 03:57:21

Thanks for answering. Yes I'm sure, after being asked how I place my little one and answering on the back but she often rolls herself onto her side, I was told it was not policy to do that and that they always place them onto their front to avoid choking. I then asked the deputy manager to clarify, thinking she would correct the lady but she too agreed it was policy. Bemused I messaged the head quarters, asked for the national sleeping policy so that I could understand the thinking behind it and reassure myself, they have purely referred me back to the nursery, they refused to acknowledging anything in writing, but certainly didn't dispute what I said, just told me the manager will explain next time I go in.

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TiggyD Thu 03-Nov-16 22:00:31

Kiddi Caru are doing it wrong then. They don't know how to look after children safely. Don't use them and tell them why, and tell head office too.

They also know they're doing it wrong because they're not putting it in writing.

insancerre Fri 04-Nov-16 06:04:49

Absolutely agree with Tight
DO NOT use them
I would be very worried about what other safety guidance they are ignoring

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