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30 hours funding

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Etak15 Sun 29-Nov-15 14:47:25

I'm a bit confused about this 30 hours funding, the earnings below £100,000 well that's a tick we're nowhere near that! But it says parents must work at least 16 hours - does that mean both parents? Doesn't specify anywhere? Dh does but I work 2 8 hr shifts which is 16 hrs but actually it's 15 because of unpaid breaks so does this mean we wouldn't be entitled? I actually don't think I like the idea of sending them for 30 hrs seems like a bit much, obviously is great if you need it for childcare reasons though. Also I'm thinking where are they going to put all these children for 30 hours for eg at the moment the school nursery my dd goes to there are 60 places - 30 morning 30 afternoon but if everyone now wants full time places there will be no places! Then will we start having to have admissions arrangements And catchments for nurserys? Or am I getting a bit carried away with my thoughts? My youngest will be due to start 2018 so I'm thinking I better not just assume he will go to our 'usual' nursery will put his name down everywhere soon!!

Quodlibet Sun 29-Nov-15 14:53:35

As I understand it the policy has been barely thought through and a lot of the details are still hazy.
It's only going to be launched in pilot areas initially anyway.
A lot of nurseries will have to completely restructure how they offer places if the 30 hr obligation comes in, so you are right that the landscape may look very different from how it does now.

This article has some useful details I think:

TiggyD Mon 30-Nov-15 00:26:06

There's a good chance it won't happen. Nurseries might just refuse to take any funded children.

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