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Using taxi service for nursery run?

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MrsWhirling Tue 17-Nov-15 21:38:41

Does anyone have experience of using a taxi service for the nursery/school run? My mum was supposed to pick DS3 up from nursery but is sick, so dad is going to do it. Dad doesn't drive and I don't think he could manage DS on the bus. I was going to speak to a local taxi firm to see if they could collect dad and then DS and home. Any experience would be gravely appreciated x

Andcake Tue 17-Nov-15 21:44:13

As a one off ok my only concern would be car seat I know some taxi firms you can hire them. I assume you're dad would go in and collect so it's a known individual

shutupanddance Tue 17-Nov-15 21:45:15

Of course its fine.

MrsWhirling Tue 17-Nov-15 21:47:22

Thanks all. Yes, in my mind I am thinking taxi would collect day, drive to nursery, dad gets out and collects DS, then taxi drives them home. I am also concerned about car seat. I do have a spare but dad would not be able to fit and remove it every day.

AuditAngel Tue 17-Nov-15 21:48:19

When DH had a knee op and my mum was ill, DH's cousin (who cannot see well enough to drive) used a taxi to take DS and DD1 to school. As they were older (8 and 10) I told them to stop in the side street next to school and DS could walk DD1 in, but I believe the taxi driver waited while she walked them in, then drove cousin home again.

MrsWhirling Tue 17-Nov-15 21:48:43

Sorry, meant to say this would be for about 6months at least so long-term arrangement. X

AuditAngel Tue 17-Nov-15 21:50:25

How big is DS, could he use a booster cushion as a temporary measure!

Some taxi's have inbuilt booster or baby Sears. We have had a VW with a baby seat that folded down from the seat back and a newer VW which had a booster seat and back. Ask the local taxi companies.

AuditAngel Tue 17-Nov-15 21:52:11

Do you have a friend who could help out? I have collected extras from nursery in an emergency (but could jiggle the biggest one off his booster (top of limits to need it) and move everyone up one seat.

MrsWhirling Tue 17-Nov-15 21:57:37

No friends or relatives to help out I'm afraid sad I guess I'll have to ask the taxi firm and see what they say. DS is an averaged size 3yr old. I don't think he would get away with booster seat.

jclm Thu 19-Nov-15 22:26:34

May be cheaper to hire nanny with own car for this hour's work

TeamBacon Thu 19-Nov-15 22:31:28

Our nursery lets the staff do this, but as a private arrangement. So, staff would finish shift and then drop DS home. Obviously it means forking out for another car seat, and they'll need the right insurance, but is that an option?

mrsmugoo Thu 19-Nov-15 22:38:55

I have done nursery pick up in a taxi a handful of times if my car has been unexpectedly out of action or my DH needed it. It's legal to have a child in your lap in a licensed taxi.,

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