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Can someone explain how the 15 free hours work?

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Treesandbees Wed 12-Nov-14 14:04:18

My DS is at a private nursery and when I asked about this they said that we would only get 32 weeks of 15 free hours which they averaged out across 51 weeks. This is because state nurseries only give you the hours in term time. Is this right?

CantBeBotheredThinking Wed 12-Nov-14 14:09:18

The principal is correct in that the 15 hours only applies to term time but that works out as 39 weeks a year not 32.

LuckyLopez Wed 12-Nov-14 14:11:09

It's 38 weeks x 15 hours but can be averaged out over the whole year if they wish.

WowserBowser Wed 12-Nov-14 14:19:09

Ours was averaged out over the year. Am currently skint so Ds only goes in term time - therefore I no longer get bills.

If I want to put him in for a random day, they charge me for that day.

Treesandbees Wed 12-Nov-14 14:33:57

Thanks for the clarity! Not going to get as much of a reduction as I was hoping confused!!

ilovepowerhoop Wed 12-Nov-14 14:38:13

All 3 and 4-year-olds in England are entitled to 570 hours of free early education or childcare a year. This is often taken as 15 hours each week for 38 weeks of the year. Some 2-year-olds are also eligible.

You can start claiming after your child turns 3. The date you can claim will depend on when their birthday is.

LuckyLopez Wed 12-Nov-14 16:10:58

Still, it's better than a poke in the eye!

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