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Nurseries in Wimbledon

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wigan Fri 15-Sep-06 00:17:36

Have been looking into sorting out childcare for 7mo ds. Wondered if anybody could recommend a nursery in Wimbledon?

CristinaTheAstonishing Fri 15-Sep-06 21:06:58

When do you want your DS to start? Where in Wimbledon are you looking?

We had DD at Oak Tree (St Mary's church) but they only take them aged 1+. We had DS at Playdays, Queen's Rd branch, and he loved it there. I visited a few others too.

DD (18 months old) is starting at a nursery in Morden next week. They didn't have a place for her at Oak Tree any more (we took her out due to uncertain work contract for me) and this one in Morden had places at short notice (it's a new one so not full yet). It's v well priced too, £40 per day, and they do half days as well.

Merton council's website lists quite a few, esp if you're flexible and would consider neighbouring areas as well, but it's always worth visiting them in person and then looking at their Ofsted reports.

wigan Sat 16-Sep-06 10:53:43

Thanks for your reply Cristina. We're looking for a place starting in January 2007, preferably in Central Wimbledon.

So far, I've had a look around Building Blocks, Dicky Birds & Lollipops. Really liked Building Blocks & Dicky Birds. Lollipops seemed OK, but didn't get a particularly impressive Ofsted report at the last inspection.

Got the impression from Building Blocks that it was unlikely that a place would be available for us in January. We're on the waiting list for Dicky Birds, but they can't guarantee a place either, so would like to widen my options.

CristinaTheAstonishing Sat 16-Sep-06 13:49:42

Playdays is good. I liked the Quuen's Rd branch where DS went. The W'don Hill branch is a little bit too big, I think, so I wasn't too keen on it for DD. I visited Dee's on Mansel Rd but was rather put off by the lack of books on display (and a few other things). I have friends with kids at both BB and Dicky Birds (the branch opposite the shopping centre) and they are very pleased. BB has a long waiting list. Dicky Birds i think have vacancies (at least in my DD's age range) but only do full days for children this age - and we wanted 1/2 days. Oak Tree is very nice, but may be a bit out of the way if you want a nursery on your way to the station.

batters Sat 16-Sep-06 14:14:31

wigan, there are a few Mumsnetters based in Wimbledon. If you give this post a "bump" on Monday you'll probably get some more posts!

wigan Mon 18-Sep-06 09:36:54

Thanks for your messages, Cristina & batters - will definitely check out Playdays.

Any other Wimbledon Mumsnetters out there who have an opinion on nurseries in the area?

pamina3 Fri 29-Sep-06 09:05:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LouLou2 Wed 08-Nov-06 14:59:50

Can anyone recommend Teddies in Earlsfield? Or anyone heard anything negative that I should know? Or any recommendations of nurseries near Earlsfield Station?

I'm looking to go back to work Mon - Wed in April 2006.


lockets Wed 08-Nov-06 15:12:31

Message withdrawn

pdonegan Tue 12-Apr-16 22:31:57

I know this thread is a bit old... But I'm looking into nurseries as well and at the moment I'm between Dicky Birds Dundonald and Butterflies. Butterflies is a bit cheaper and goes until 6:30. Any input? Any help is welcome!

shil1625 Tue 28-Jun-16 02:36:49

Hi everyone, I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me which nurseries are outstanding in the wimbledon area and if any have part-time places (3-4 days a week) available this Summer/Autumn 2016. The sooner the better really.

Alternatively, any other forms of outstanding part-time, full-day childcare would be very helpful. Thanks for your help in advance. Esther

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