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nursery issues - overreacting? (bit of an essay, sorry)

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WannabeHippy Fri 03-May-13 09:25:58

Hi, am new to this site. DD is 14 months, and in her 3rd week at nursery part time. In that time, she has come home with a bottom that's not thoroughly cleaned 3 times - I really don't feel this is being viewed as seriously as it should be by the nursery, I shouldn't have to complain once let alone 3 times!

We use cloth nappies, which they claim to be supportive of, but many of the staff's body language / facial expressions tells a different story (one rolled her eyes when we arrived for a settling in session and I mentioned she may need a change). We also followed baby led weaning, which I explained, filled out forms where I made it clear she self feeds entirely, then found out by accident one morning they'd been spoon feeding. vice principal was understanding about it, said would observe, but then never fed back to me, and is generally poor in this regard (took two days to respond re the first poor cleaning incident).

Part of the reason we chose the nursery was it's much vaunted organic cafe - having seen that none of the breakfast items, including milk, are organic, I highly doubt that much of the produce is, and feel a bit misled.

What I'm wondering is, am I right to be upset about these things? I can't help feeling that the poor communication I've witnessed is a sign things are only going to slide further. Are there childcare options in Kingston that are more suitable to my style of parenting (cloth, blw, that won't "try to wean" my child off her comforter without my consent etc etc), and how disruptive would it be to move DD elsewhere at this stage as she's just starting to properly settle? I'm at a loss to know what to do next, thoughts welcomed. Sorry for the essay. Reaches for wine

moogy1a Fri 03-May-13 17:43:29

I think a childminder on the right wavelength would be a better bet. They tend to built up more of a relationship with both the child and parent so are more likely to accommodate feeding / nappy choices.
FWIW I've always encouraged my mindees parents to use cloth and they all feed themselves right from the off ( very messy, but better for the lo and TBH I don't want to be spoon feeding all day!).
A CM wouldn't be slow to respond to queries either as you'd be seeing her every day!

ReetPetit Fri 03-May-13 18:15:32

I would think a cm who has the same sort of style as you do would be your best bet. Many won't but you can try phoning around and see what responses you get. A nursery imo is not right for you. A nursery is like a conveyor belt system, things are done for quickness, hence the spoon feeding. I also don't think many nurseries are geared up for cloth nappies either. The cleaning bottom issue just indicates laziness - i have the opposite problem as a cm - children brought to me not having been properly cleaned!!

dribbleface Fri 03-May-13 19:41:47

ahem, there are good nurseries out there that are not like conveyor belts, however yours sounds not very good at all. Have a look around, visit other nurseries and childminders and see what suits you and your little one.

Good luck

Mandy21 Fri 03-May-13 21:43:01

I agree with dribble face, there are good and bad nurseries, good and bad childminders I imagine. It certainly sounds like the nursery isn't great, I moved my children from one nursery when I wasn't happy with the communication. I might be jumping the gun but nurseries are usually falling over themselves to reassure you at the start, to let you know your little one is settled. If they're not doing that at this stage, it doesn't bode we'll for the future.

ReetPetit Sat 04-May-13 10:22:23

sorry, yes, that's true, i'm sure there are good nurseries... have used them myself for my older ds so not nursery bashing just don't think they are as good for individual needs of very young children - particularly when parents have strong wishes such as op.
This one sounds a bit rubbish tbh, i would say as only 3rd week, if they are already slacking, best to move her sooner rather than later, particularly if you are not happy with their responses to your concerns.

NomDeClavier Sat 04-May-13 11:22:26

It does sound like they spend a lot of time promoting their shiny nursery but it's all sparkle and no substance. If you're having various issues with the care now you need to move for DD on.

domesticslattern Sat 04-May-13 11:30:50

No one is going to look after your baby exactly as you do. I think it's a bigger issue than a non pristine bum (assume not terrible ie leading to rash?), whether she sees a spoon, whether the food is organic. Much more important is - do you like the people caring for your child? Are they warm, comforting, happy to work with children, keen to listen to you as the person who understands your baby best? Does your DD seem settled and happy? That knocks everything else into perspective. It sounds to me like you don't trust or like the staff generally....

domesticslattern Sat 04-May-13 11:32:15

<posted before finished>
So if that's true then yes, a different setting might be better for you both.

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