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Any nursery workers available to ask a quick question?

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VoldemortsNipple Wed 06-Mar-13 20:07:40

D&V is 48 hours after the last dirty nappy or bout of sickness.

Have his nappies been runny and sour smelling or just looser than normal? Of the latter it could be the medication causing it and I would say he is safe to go back. Give them a ring and ask.

nextphase Wed 06-Mar-13 19:56:42

Our nursery class D&V as dirty nappies more than every 2 hrs.
If they are soft nappies through teething or a cold, but at a "normal" frequency, they aren't too bothered.

Might be worth calling and asking?

Jayne266 Wed 06-Mar-13 11:00:07

My DS went to nursery last week for 2 days and came back with a cold. (expected it but a bit shocked it was so soon)
Anyway he's on the mend but still has loose nappies from cold. He's due to go back to nursery soon.
What's the policy regarding this I think I have been told 48hrs after the symptom has stopped but it's not stopped yet as he is still got a runny nose (cold).

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