Roughly how much help would we get towards nursery fees?

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Mothership1 Fri 25-May-12 20:30:32

We are putting our DS into nursery in June, but for how many day depends on how much it's going to cost and how much help I would get through the government, I can't confirm days with the nursery until I know I can afford it and the tax office won't discuss it until 2 weeks before he would start so I'm in a bit of a pickle!
He will be doing 1.5 days hopefully at £66 per
Between us we earn around 24k pa

I'm not asking for anyone to divulge their personal circumstances but if anyone is in a similar position to us it would be great to know roughly how much help towards nursery fees we would get
Thank you x

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JeanBodel Fri 25-May-12 21:51:14

This is a good website which should be able to help: Turn2us.

There's a benefit calculator on there too.

atworknotworking Sat 26-May-12 19:27:35

How old is your DS? if over 3 will get up to 15hrs a week free.

If under try the tax credit calculator on the site its pretty accurate and will give you an idea of child care credit.

BananaPie Sat 26-May-12 19:33:03

If your employer is signed up to the childcare vouchers scheme you can sacrifice your salary before it's taxed to put towards childcare - the amount you can sacrifice is capped at £243 a month (for non- higher rate tax payers). So essentially you're saving money by not paying tax on the money you spend on childcare. It does make quite a difference.

Mothership1 Sat 26-May-12 21:45:53

Thanks for your replies, he is 19mo so does not qualify for that just yet, also my partner is self employed and I work for him, small business and not registered for child care vouchers, I've tried the tax calculator but it's saying I'm not entitled sad
Soooo confusing!
I think I will just have to confirm the 1.5 days and see what happens with that
Thanks for your help xxx

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