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Elena1 Thu 05-Jan-12 18:06:37

Hi all!,

We've just moved in from abroad and I would need a bit of help from local parents. I'm looking for nursery full-time for my 3 year old boy, and searching on line, the ones with good reviews have no availability except one, which just quoted me a monthly fee which I couldn't believe possible for the small ones... (quoting £1900 a month when I used to pay £1200 in Westminster last year, is that normal?).
How do local working parents do in Putney? Do they pay such a high fees, or do they use nannies, share-nannies, go to nurseries in a nearby area and then communte to work?
Any insight would be appreciated!
Many thanks in advance,

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QuintessentiallyShallow Thu 05-Jan-12 18:09:48

I used to live in Putney, and found childcare expensive.

Your boy is 3, how about the preschools attached to the local schools?
I know both Hotham, St Marys and that other CofE school has preschools attached to their schools.

Elena1 Thu 05-Jan-12 18:16:36

Thanks for the advice, I'll try to find out about times and whether I can register him at this time of the year.
Also I'll be working full time... so I guess the preschools will have limited times + half terms and summer holidays. I guess it will be good practice for when he joins school, but I wanted to avoid it if I could!

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mmrmum Sat 11-Feb-12 09:04:37

Have you tried Poppits in the Putney Leisure Centre? It is quite good and fees are lower. With luck with that.

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