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Montessories in Greenwich/Blackheath

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Vingar Tue 23-Aug-11 11:33:40


I have heard about a good Montessori school in Greenwich. Can anyone please share any info on which ones are good and any exp you can share?


Vingar Fri 26-Aug-11 13:44:42


Also found the thread on Blackheath Montessori. I visited them recently. Had a few concerns - seemed kinda small for 36 kids in total (12 in each room), staff ratio 1:6, and limited outdoor space.
The Ofsted rates it highly and have seen some good feedback on this forum as well - so wondering if my fears are unfounded. Would really appreciate if anyone with direct/indirect exp could feed their thoughts.

FYI - My DS1 is 2.5 and hasn't settled into a day care nursery we have been sending him for two 1/2 sessions. It doesn't help that this is also quite far and hence trying to place him closer to Greenwich where we live. Our alternative options are Teddies/ Unicorn (Canary Wharf)/ Sringwell day care (a very new one in E.Greenwich).

Many Thanks

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