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When does the guilt and anxiety subside?!

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idag Tue 02-Aug-11 22:14:03

Advice please! My 2.3 DD has started settling in at nursery this week with a view to doing two mornings per week (8-1:30pm). We are going in every morning this week and next. We stayed with her yesterday for an hour, and today I stayed for 15 mins and then made a swift exit for an hour and a quarter. She was 'a bit teary' when I left but was comforted with her special blanket and cuddles from her keyworker. For the next hour and quarter I had a peek in without her seeing me about every 20 mins and she was content, ie not crying but not really joining in, sitting quietly with her thumb in her mouth looking very serious or sat on someone's knee. The group went into the garden and I could see her playing on the slide. She didn't want to go home!

I think she will be ok- the problem is me! i spent most of the time fighting back tears and feeling guilty. I am 7 months pregnant which explains some of the emotion but I'm just wondering if other mums have felt this worried and guilty even though their LO is apparently settling in well?I just can't shake this feeling of unease and am wondering if I am doing the right thing. Thanks for reading x

ragged Wed 03-Aug-11 13:41:10

Oh, in about 30 yrs wink.

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