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JAAK06 Fri 23-Sep-16 21:28:08

Has anyone got experience with CLFS (city of London freeman school) about their entry test? I am thinking of sending my DD there for Senior school but they have a 7+ entry. One of the mum at my DD school told me that her DD doesn't need to take the entry exam but won't explain further. Does anyone know who is eligible for the entry test and who is not?

catherine8345 Mon 26-Sep-16 13:06:27

We are now living in Zurich Switzerland and about to move to London in december. I am looking for an IB school in London for my last daughter Marie. We are going to live in South Ken or Chelsea.
I spent a few days visiting schools : Marymount (Girls School), ACS Hillingdon, and Southbank.
It is very difficult to choose ... And the schools are quite far away from London.
Does someone have an opinion ?
Is Southbank International School a good option ?
I was more impressed by the excellence of Marymount (but my daughter is not so happy to go to a girls school
What shall I do ?
Thanks !

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