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Exhausted mummy want to give up the wine!

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Chelsea1609 Mon 08-Aug-16 20:39:16

Hi everyone, so new to this actually my first ever post on mums net but here goeshmm

Walked to my local aa meeting today after telling other half I needed a walk for some fresh air it's summer hols & I have 3 beautiful kids daughter age9, sons age 5 & 1 I am stressed exhausted & fed up slightly lonely & 2 days of not drinking alcohol which usually is a bottle of wine a day could drink more at times 🤐 But feeling so shit & guilty about this miserable horrible shouty mother I'm becoming I love my children their my world & really hate myself at the mo! The person I've become hence the not drinking so far for 2 days & the unsuccessful trip to aa as I couldn't go inside really wanted to but just couldn't fear of the Unknown I guess also the shame.shock

Drinking for me has just become a habit boredom loneliness do have a partner but he's at work all the time then gym etc... Me me me so much that I've started to resent him really & can't even enjoy his company without a drink but I want to stop!! I guess I'm a secret drinker too my very few friends I don't see much so when I do it's normal for us to polish down a bottle of wine anyway would love to hear anyone with advice & support with similar issues being a mum is so hard shoot me for saying this & trust me I feel guilty for my feelings everyday as I adore my beauties, but tedious boring amounts of cleaning cooking washing (especially summer hols) kids moaning all day fighting with each other even when I've spent a fortune on s fun day out (for them of course) would takes its toll on any living being & out comes the wine for that lonely exhausted night.sad

Anyway here goes day 3 tomorrow👍 I've read over & over again that 1 day at a time is key.blush
smile xx

Haggisfish Mon 08-Aug-16 20:40:56

Well done on making it this far. There is a thread called brave babes on a bus or something which is full of peeps giving up alcohol. Sounds like your dh is a root cause of your drinking. I'm on day 1 of dryness!

Chelsea1609 Mon 08-Aug-16 21:21:29

Thanks & good luck on your journey too! blushsmilexx

Haggisfish Mon 08-Aug-16 21:40:42

Thanks. Ds just smeared a great poo all round his room so a rather testing night!!!shock

MinonsMovie Sun 21-Aug-16 18:41:54

Please try looking at your aa trip as successful. One day at a time and one step at a time. Maybe next time you will go in, but today it sounds like you got to the venue, which was a step towards your goal. Keep going, you've accepted you have a problem and that's a huge step! Well done 💕

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