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Where to live....advice needed

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Lindz1980 Tue 26-Jul-16 10:26:30

Hi all.....I'm looking for some advice/guidance. We are looking to move with our 10 month old daughter and have a few locations on mind, but don't really know much about areas etc. We currently live in Liverpool, but want a change and to get out of a city. My husband has also just got a job promotion, so will be travelling around the country a lot more.
We are considering: The Wirral, Bristol area and Edinburgh area, as all would work for us on terms of my husband's job, friends etc.
What we are looking for is somewhere outside the city, somewhere greener/more in the countryside, with good schooling and with easy access to shops, pubs, main train lines.....we are happy to consider up to a 40 min commute into the city, so any advice on areas for any of these places would be much appreciated?????

HappyHeart87 Tue 26-Jul-16 11:26:05

Used to live near Edinburgh. It's a lovely place to live. Added bonus that when Scotland goes rogue you'll be on the right side of the border for a decent NHS and affordable higher education.

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