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AIBU Next door Neighbor and his van

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nic266uk Wed 14-Sep-16 19:34:25

So we live on a one sided street with a nursery school across from us, our very strange male next door neighbor bought a van (a very long van and very old and rusty) a year ago, he parked it outside his house but because it's long it took some of my parking space as well as the neighbor at the other side of him it has not moved for a year apart from Monday when it went for its MOT and now it's back, he also has a car parked on the street too, we just don't have the room on our street for him to do this at first I thought it must be a project but he hasn't touched it it's like a ornament, I'm well aware that he can park where he wants but come on give a thought to others who are having to park on the next block up.
Anyway today I thought it's strange why would you buy it and spend money with MOT & Tax and not use it it doesn't make sense plus it's parked right across from the nursery I'm starting to think the worst has it got cameras in watching the children, I've confronted him this afternoon politely to ask if it could be moved to give everyone a fair chance at having their cars outside their homes as his vehicles are taking up sooooo much room, only to be confronted back by drunk calling me a nonce, over and over again I asked if he knew what a nonce was he said yes you, I have a DD & DS I am mortified, my DH is going to knock on when our DC go to bed, it's very strange as I'm beginning to think he's one it must be at the front of his mind to say it AIBU

PikachuSayBoo Wed 14-Sep-16 19:42:31

Well it's taxed and MOT'd so you can't do anything. I'm guessing when you say ""your space" it's just the bit of road outside your house? Not your private parking space?

It would be nice if he didn't take up so much space but he's not going to move it is he after his reaction to you. Don't know what your Dh thinks he will achieve apart from another kick off?

nic266uk Wed 14-Sep-16 19:59:13

Yes I'm well aware he can park where he wants, my DH has a van too but he parks outside the playing field on the next block up as we think of others just find it very annoying that he can't think of others and do the same, most of the street are up in arms about it but I'm the first to say something about it, my DH isn't going round to kick off were not like that, but it what he called me that has disturbed us , I'm now more concerned about who the hell I'm living next door to.

PikachuSayBoo Wed 14-Sep-16 20:04:32

No I mean the neighbour will kick off, not your Dh. Neighbour sounds unhinged calling you a nonce. No point trying to reason with him.

nic266uk Wed 14-Sep-16 20:11:14

I know, it just wouldn't come into my head to call someone that, what's more worrying he looks after his poorly mum who lives with him.
Told DH not to bother I said the same as you.

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