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What shall I have engraved on my new iPod???

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Whedonzgal Wed 30-Sep-09 09:32:38

In case it's not obvious, I am a big Whedon fan so that's a start - am thinking maybe "You can't take the sky from me" as an option? It fits in with what I'm studying next year (planetary science), and the notion of ambition and letting nothing hold you back & as I would like something motivating, uplifting, etc that's a good one.

Either music related or just general, or a cool funny quote from Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Whedon himself...

Any ideas?! It feels like getting a tattoo so I'm scared to hit the order button!!

Poledra Wed 30-Sep-09 09:42:29

How about 'Hands off. it's mine!' (OK not Whedon related, but necessary in our house grin)

Or 'I am a leaf on the wind, watch me soar'?

Whedonzgal Wed 30-Sep-09 12:42:48

oooh like your second one!
sorry i disappeared, had to work!!

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