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Anyone catching Ray Lamontange this tour?

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frumpygrumpy Sat 05-Sep-09 18:13:28

I'm meant to be going grin

I've lost my tickets in a house move sad

shock shock shock [arse]

badgermonkey Sat 05-Sep-09 18:52:39

We're going to see him in Sheffield, should be a good night! Hope you find your tickets - actually, where the hell did I put mine...

frumpygrumpylovesPaolo Tue 08-Sep-09 11:38:53

I found where my tickets are.

I finally threw in the towel after turning two houses over. Called the box office and the girl was lovely, very helpful. Then she said "oh we wouldn't have posted them, they're collect only" [I am a daft moo!!!!!]

badgermonkey Sun 13-Sep-09 21:30:03

Doh! Saw him last night and it was just a fantastic show - even bought a t-shirt and I'm not a merchandise type grin. Just really, really good, and his voice was better than on CD.

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