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Anyone seen Oasis play lately?

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Polaris Fri 24-Jul-09 10:46:35

Its only weeks left until I seem them at the V Festival.

Know Definately Maybe and Wonderwall inside out and am learing Dig Out Your Soul. Don't have any knowledge of albums in between. Haven't got time to listen to them before the big event as also need to brush up on Razorlight's latest album and a couple of others.

Polaris Fri 24-Jul-09 11:09:21


juicymelon Sun 26-Jul-09 22:59:49

i have seen oasis twice on their current tour the set list they have been playing is as follows

1. "Fuckin' in the Bushes (Intro) (Standing on the Shoulder of Giants)"
2. "Rock 'n' Roll Star (Definitely Maybe)"
3. "Lyla (Don't Believe The Truth)"
4. "The Shock Of The Lightning (Dig Out Your Soul)"
5. "Cigarettes & Alcohol (Definitely Maybe)"
6. "The Meaning Of Soul (Don't Believe The Truth)"
7. "Roll With It ((What's The Story) Morning Glory?)"
8. "To Be Where There's Life (Dig Out Your Soul)"
9. "Waiting For The Rapture (Dig Out Your Soul)"
10. "The Masterplan (The Masterplan)"
11. "Songbird (Heathen Chemistry)"
12. "Slide Away (Definitely Maybe)"
13. "Morning Glory ((What's The Story) Morning Glory?)"
14. "My Big Mouth (Be Here Now)"
15. "The Importance of Being Idle (Don't Believe The Truth)"
16. "Half the World Away (The Masterplan)"
17. "I'm Outta Time (Dig Out Your Soul)"
18. "Wonderwall ((What's The Story) Morning Glory?)"
19. "Live Forever (Definitely Maybe)"
20. "Supersonic (Definitely Maybe)"
21. "Don't Look Back In Anger (Encore) ((What's The Story) Morning Glory?)"
22. "Falling Down (Encore) (Dig Out Your Soul)"
23. "Champagne Supernova (Encore) ((What's The Story) Morning Glory?)"
24. "I Am The Walrus (Encore) (Magical Mystery Tour)"

Have a fantastic time at V festenvy
I should of been going but have had to give up tickets due to childcare issues

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