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For all East Anglian MNers

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Hassled Mon 19-Jan-09 13:17:42

Our very own classic song

Rubyrubyruby Mon 19-Jan-09 13:20:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mysterymoniker Mon 19-Jan-09 13:20:55

'assa ferret' !

that was great, I laughed out loud all the way through

mysterymoniker Mon 19-Jan-09 13:22:51

(are we it then? where are the other 7 residents of east anglia?)

Rubyrubyruby Mon 19-Jan-09 13:24:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NimChimpsky Mon 19-Jan-09 13:26:20

Sorry I was busy polishing my souped up tractor.

KatyMac Mon 19-Jan-09 13:26:43

Here but not really in the mood for goggle today - sorry

OFSTED were due (phone call last Thursday) so I spent all weekend getting ready - then they cancelled - I just want to sit in a corner & cry

I'll listen tomorrow

Rubyrubyruby Mon 19-Jan-09 13:30:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

purpleflower Mon 19-Jan-09 13:31:18

That is brilliant

Guadalupe Mon 19-Jan-09 13:33:47


4andnotout Mon 19-Jan-09 13:39:42

lmfao Loving it

ProfYaffle Mon 19-Jan-09 13:45:05

Banham Zoo!! Cool!!

babster Mon 19-Jan-09 13:52:41


Merrylegs Mon 19-Jan-09 13:58:44

thass a roite laff that iz.

ChopsTheDuck Mon 19-Jan-09 14:03:10

aww that was brilliant! Thanks hassled!

cheapskatemum Mon 19-Jan-09 19:06:34

Just watched/listened with DSs 3 & 4. POSL on the floor.

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