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Music for an 8 year old girl

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snototterly Wed 15-Jun-16 19:14:54

My oddest DD turns 8 soon. She says she doesn't know any of the music her friends talk about (but can't name any). Please help, what's cool for pre-teen girls to listen to?

Ferguson Thu 30-Jun-16 19:47:09

Can't her friends compile some tracks for her, on Phone or some other gadget?

user1469376681 Thu 11-Aug-16 02:02:42

What did you like at that age? Try and find something similar that is around now!
I'm firmly in the 'brainwashing' camp and play all the music I love to mine rhe majority of which were around when I was 8 and are still going (some more to cash in than others lol)

margaritasbythesea Fri 26-Aug-16 22:27:56

Yep me neither but I think most of it is on radio 1. A browse around spirit could come up with some good compilations.

I think the latest 'now's has been released.

Don't forget to play her some music you like too.

hownottofuckup Fri 26-Aug-16 22:31:32

Just play radio 1/local radio station when you're in the car. They tend to like fairly standard chart stuff, nothing niche. So 1D, Bieber, Swift etc the usual suspects.

featherpillow Fri 26-Aug-16 22:42:29

A few of my DD favourite songs at the moment are:
Sia - Cheap Thrills.
Adele - Send my Love.
The Temper Trap - Fall Together.
Zara Larson - Lush Life.

Some of Pixie Lott & all songs by Little Mix.

Vinorosso74 Sat 27-Aug-16 22:17:22

My DD loves Cheap Thrills by Sia. She also loves the Pixies and Super Furry Animals....

bellydancebabs Thu 22-Dec-16 13:05:54

Some of the kids in my son's class love this rockband for kids. They're really funny and age appropriate. They're called Rocktopus.

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