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Why are women less into music than men?

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Whirliwig72 Wed 05-Sep-12 22:18:26

Massive generalisation I know - and I'm hoping to stand corrected but its struck me recently that I know very few women in RL who are as into music as I am. For me my record collection is one if my most precious things after my family and I actually realise I get a bit depressed if I spend more than a day or so without firing up iTunes. But I never meet women like me - friends will confess to likening music at which point my heart leaps only to be dashed when they admit that the last album they bought was a George Michael
'best of' in the 90's. DH however is always swapping music with mates at work and is an inspiration in tracking down new and exciting stuff. Surely being a music geek is not predominately a male preserve is it??

CeilidhHayley Sat 10-Nov-12 07:52:30

I'm another music obsessive who happens to be female, & i've often wondered the same thing.

I think as a general rule there is some truth to it. By pure co-incidence, i'm also bisexual & with men, i've always found music the key to really connecting with a man i fancy the pants off (think High Fidelity). I've tried this approach with women i'm interested in & generally hit a bit of a wall when they reel off a list of 'stuff to dance to' on a night out. Obviously this rule wouldn't apply to anyone on this thread!

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