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Music to make you feel good

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SixFeetUnder Sat 24-Mar-12 15:36:02

I'm putting together a playlist of tunes which lift my mood and put a smile on my face. Going through a tough time just now (not romantic related so not breakup tunes) and love music I can relate to.

So far I've got
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
Let The River Run - Carly Simon
Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root (I defy anyone not to smile when they listen to this)

Care to share what songs always cheer you up and put a smile on your face?

ModdedMummy Sat 24-Mar-12 20:41:07

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
Cat Power - The Greatest
Elbow - Grounds for Divorce
The Beatles - Come Together (pretty much anything by them is good imo)
Anything by The Blanks

If it wasn't for music, I'd probably be a nervous wreck!

wonderstuff Thu 05-Apr-12 09:29:52

Silversun always make me smile.

PercyFilth Thu 05-Apr-12 16:26:11

Spiller, Groovejet

And Ian Dury's Reasons To Be Cheerful, obviously smile

upahill Thu 05-Apr-12 17:04:50

Ian Carey project- Get shakey

Love it!!

upahill Thu 05-Apr-12 17:08:53

Oh and this
and this

upahill Sun 15-Apr-12 16:22:00

I'm just listening to Deep Purple's Sometimes I feel like screaming. That always makes me feel good.

susannehicks Thu 28-Jun-12 14:15:47

Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

insancerre Sat 30-Jun-12 15:45:22

I'm listening to Muse's new song and I'm loving it. It's the official song for the olympics and it is very uplifting and a clever mix of classical and rock.

chocoluvva Wed 05-Sep-12 21:50:11

Stevie Wonder.
The Wombles CD!!! I kid you not - it's excellent.

drjohnsonscat Wed 05-Sep-12 22:04:27

Yes no one does joy like Stevie. Isn't she lovely, I wish or Sir Duke.

Also Harmour Love by syreeta (but a Stevie song)

Edwin Hawkins singers - oh happy day

Cat Stevens - Morning has broken

I'm not religious but the last two are v uplifting.

bureni Tue 18-Sep-12 00:06:03

I like Davey Spillane on the Uileanns, nothing more earthy than the sound of the Irish pipes and nothing more uplifting imo.

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