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OMG I have just discovered...

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Hopesprings Wed 06-Jul-11 21:41:44

...The Pierces. And CAN'T STOP playing their album You and I.

Anyone else???

Clarence15 Wed 06-Jul-11 22:15:32

Not heard of them, will check them out. Are they a new band? Who are they like?

Hopesprings Thu 07-Jul-11 00:59:09

They're not new but seem to have finally hit their stride with this latest album. Produced by Coldplay I think.

Their sound is VERY Summer of Love - beautiful harmonies. Have been compared to the Mamas and Papas, The Byrds, Fleetwood Mac. They are Cat and Allison, two sisters from Alabama who happen to look like supermodels.

Frankly I think this album is up there with Rumours by Fleetwood Mac.

Clarence15 Thu 07-Jul-11 06:36:54

I had a listen to them last night, they seem pretty good. A bit hippy-flowery for me personally (I'm a bit of a rock chick smile) but I can def see the likeness to fleetwood mac. I love it when you find a new band, my current new fav is the Vaccines.

Hopesprings Thu 07-Jul-11 12:04:13

Sorry - should have explained I'm a bit of a flower child at heart wink... (albeit with a soft spot for Muse and Led Zeppelin).

Looked up The Vaccines (love that name) - pretty good too, they remind me of Arctic Monkeys...

upahill Fri 08-Jul-11 09:09:09

I've listened to them and they are OK.

I'm likingthe Vacines, Vaccines and Beyond the Horizon at the moment.

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