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Anyone on Concerta? Any advice please.

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catk123 Fri 26-Jul-19 10:00:11

I have recently had a diagnosis of ADD, at age of 40 and been prescribed Concerta. I was wondering what others experiences on this are? I have a new job that is vary much a learning role following a Carer change, technical and I am hoping this will help a lot?

catk123 Fri 26-Jul-19 10:01:25

That should be career change!

InkyFANGERSInkyFace Mon 21-Oct-19 18:58:30

Hello, no one replied to this. I was prescribed Concerta XL. It helped me immensely. I had issues with side effects (sort of IBS symptoms and butterflies in my tummy feelings) but it helped me so much.

I finally had my appt where I moved to nearly 16 months ago, has taken this long to see someone, and she's going to discuss other adhd medications with me but she also wants to do a formal assessment for Autism first.

My care was disrupted due to sudden moves and I ended up leaving university because I was unable to get my Concerta XL reinstated.

I hope it's made your life easier.

tobee Wed 23-Oct-19 23:19:08

I know it's probably different for everyone but I was wondering about your dose progression @InkyFANGERSInkyFace. My adult dd has recently started on concerta. She is still on quite a low dose and doesn't know if she notices any difference yet. Can I ask what dose you found helps for you?

InkyFANGERSInkyFace Thu 24-Oct-19 14:27:06

It's different for every person. I started on 18mg and progressed to 36mg, then went up by another 18 but that made me see smells and taste colours (so to speak) so I stuck with 36mg

I'm not using it currently.

If your daughter isn't noticing anything you/she can ask for an increase, not sure how long I went before I was able to try and increase.

And if it's not right, there are other kinds of pill as well. I haven't tried others yet, currently waiting for my assessments to be finished.

tobee Fri 25-Oct-19 14:56:13

Thanks for the reply @InkyFANGERSInkyFace! I think my daughter is on 36mg but isn't currently taking it regularly.

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