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Surviving Christmas/holidays with ASD/other SN

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indianbackground Mon 24-Dec-18 23:02:15

Wondering how are other MNetters with SN getting on and hoping to get support or reassurance.

Got to the end of Christmas Eve. We have a house full (10, I live on my own, I’m an only child so otherwise when I’m with parents goes up to three). Tomorrow there will be 13 and then 15 for the two meals.

I’m struggling. I’m taking breaks but then I feel bad that My DParents have more mental energy, and to extent physical energy.

Does anyone else feel physically tired due to needing to socialise?
How are you doing?

indianbackground Mon 24-Dec-18 23:03:56

Should have said I have ASD and some physical stuff as well. Also not a parent and definitely not used to the energy young children have.

Rockbird Wed 26-Dec-18 17:43:03

We had 11 yesterday and 15 today. I'm struggling but am making sure to take time out when I feel my stress levels rising. Can't wait till it's all over.

Bagadverts Wed 26-Dec-18 18:25:12

Trigger MH (I have ASD and background of MH problems)

14 for diner, 10 staying. I did OK yesterday till the end when things went to pot. Last night I was in a bit of a mess. I have intrusive thoughts which were harder to deal with than for a long time. Even today I don’t like myself. I’m hiding away. I’m so frightened I’ll make a scene. fFS I’m a grown adult, I should be able to cope. I knew I might not cope and anger is out of hand generally so asked GP for something to help me keep calm but they said no and that I should self refer for therapy. Now I have to deal with 20 min triage on Friday. I hate myself sad

KeysToTheCastle Sun 30-Dec-18 00:54:26

Struggling. I'm newly diagnosed with ASD. The only person close to me that knows is my husband and he is sceptical of the diagnosis at best.

The kids (6&8) are exhausted. I just want to have some time to myself. Tempers are flaring. I'm feeling like s shit parent as my husband is laying on the "how can you not want to spend time with your family" on nice and thick.

BlackeyedGruesome Sun 30-Dec-18 01:03:22

beacuse I am autistic thicko....

oops did I type that out loud?

how does he get to be skeptical of the diagnosis and so dismissive of your difficulties.

thankfully I have hEDS as an excuse for stuff such as tiredness. (i am on the waiting list for autism diagnosis)

how do I deal with it. keep it simple. keep it to people who understand.

BlackeyedGruesome Sun 30-Dec-18 01:04:10

pacing, trying to let go of things that are not important, build in rests. got rid of ex h for a start. grin

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