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This topic is for surveys for Mumsnet HQ and their clients. If you'd like to commission a survey of MN members email Non MN surveys will be deleted.

Please join the MN Research Panel

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 25-Jan-11 12:08:59

As you may have already seen, we've been recruiting folks for a new Mumsnet Research Panel and we're looking for as many of you as possible to sign up.

All the info on how the panel will work is here, but basically it's an opportunity to take part in additional surveys, product tests, etc which won't appear on Mumsnet, but which will be sent to you via email. As always there will be an incentive offered and no obligation to take part, and you can opt out at any time.

As an extra special thank you for volunteering, Sky have kindly agreed to supply one lucky Mumsnetter - drawn at random from all those who sign up - with a new 32" HDTV -
see here for more info (closing date 28 Feb). If you have already submitted your details for the panel we'll also include you in the prize draw unless you email us (
to opt out.

If you are interested, please click here to find out more and/or to add your details. As we've said, we want as many folks as possible to join up, so do feel free to pass the word along if you have friends who might be interested.

Thanks to everyone who's signed up already - we'll be in touch with you (hopefully grin) very soon.

Carrie, Ann and newbie Helen R at MNHQ

PS - if you live outside the UK, you can still join the panel - there may be a few surveys/tests that you won't be eligible to take part in but still things you can do so please sign up. However if you end up winning the TV we'd need to deliver to a UK address.

solo Wed 26-Jan-11 10:41:18

Ooops! well, I refilled it in then, sorry!

strandednomore Wed 26-Jan-11 11:03:34

Ok I am pretty sure I signed up as when I clicked on the link it took me straight to the home page.....

DanceInTheDark Wed 26-Jan-11 11:46:47

Thank you Ann Was confused because it did take me to the form to fill in again.

crapbarry Wed 26-Jan-11 12:01:34

I signed up under a previous crap name - am I still included in the panel and the prize draw? I think name was NoCarpForMe, but it may have been kveta.


Truffkin Wed 26-Jan-11 12:33:55

Ann I believe I've already signed up, could you (pretty please) check for me too? Thanks!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Jan-11 13:41:21

crapberry and truffkin - you're both on our list! thanks.

Fillybuster Wed 26-Jan-11 15:25:38

I think I've already signed up but now I'm confused....[wibble]

Coca Wed 26-Jan-11 17:12:25

Sorry Ann, not trusting my new phone, can you check me too please?

GentleOtter Wed 26-Jan-11 18:59:33

I have lied about my eldest son's age. The choice only goes up to 1991 and he is much older.

<walk of shame for perjury>

Magna Wed 26-Jan-11 19:18:26

Thanks Ann

MumGoneCrazy Wed 26-Jan-11 19:58:07

I already signed up for this but when I clicked the link to check it took me to the survey...does this mean I have to sign up again or am I already in?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Jan-11 20:07:49

Fillybuster, MumGoneCrazy and coca you're in!

Sorry about the confusion - I think it would be safe to say if you think you've added your details you probably have (the old thread was here if that helps!

gaelicsheep Wed 26-Jan-11 20:21:34

Thanks AnnMumsnet.

Can I ask please, why do the surveys only ever want to know we are in Scotland? Scotland is a big and diverse place!

Coca Wed 26-Jan-11 20:41:42

Hurrah! Thank you Ann

MumGoneCrazy Wed 26-Jan-11 21:04:11

When will these surveys start? I don't think I've had any yet sad

MumGoneCrazy Wed 26-Jan-11 21:04:37

Sorry forgot to add Thank You for checking blush

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 26-Jan-11 23:07:34

gaelicsheeh - the regions we use are standard government regions and though Scotland is a big place only 9% of the GB population live there so if it got split up any more the data wouldn't be robust enough - if you do 1000 interviews you'll only ever have 90 or so in Scotland.

Mumgonecrazy - soon we hope but we are busy recruting folks smile

gaelicsheep Wed 26-Jan-11 23:19:10

OK, fair enough smile.

HighPriestessBoo Wed 26-Jan-11 23:23:44

I signed up as princessboo - am I in too?

crapbarry Thu 27-Jan-11 09:10:04

thanks for checking Ann

craftynclothy Thu 27-Jan-11 09:19:11

I think I've signed up too.

Fillybuster Thu 27-Jan-11 10:09:55

Excellent - thanks for checking Ann

Goober Thu 27-Jan-11 12:41:54


queenofthecapitalwasteland Thu 27-Jan-11 15:03:37

Sign me up! Recycling is poor near me

RTKangaMummy Thu 27-Jan-11 16:04:29


Signed up smile

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