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NOW CLOSED: Kleenex Balsam Feedback thread

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 26-Jan-12 12:54:03

This thread is for the 65 Mumsnetters trying out the Kleenex Balsam tissue range.

All testers were sent one of each of the following products from the range:

~ Balsam tissues in regular, man-size and pocket pack formats
~ Balsam Fresh tissue in regular & pocket pack formats
~ Kleenex Balsam Nose and Lip Balm

Please add your feedback to the thread below, everyone who does so will be entered into a prize draw for John Lewis vouchers where one lucky MNer will win £100 of vouchers AND two runners up will each receive £50 of vouchers.

Please note Kleenex may well use quotes from the feedback on the Kleenex hub on Mumsnet - along with your MN name E.g. AnnMumsnet said "xxx". If Kleenex want to use one of your comments anywhere other than on the Kleenex MN pages (for example, in press ads, on the Kleenex website and Facebook pages) they will also want to include your name and location (e.g. Sally of Norwich said "xxx"). If your comment is selected, we will contact you beforehand to confirm these details and for your permission, and you can decline if you wish. The Kleenex team may also want testers to act as case studies and again if so, you will be contacted by Mumsnet.

Kleenex just have a couple of questions for you. Though you are welcome to add any other comments you may have also.

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?

How did you and your family use the products in the range? Can you give some examples of how you all used them - for example did any pocket packs go in school bags, does the lip balm live in your handbag or car? Where did you keep the boxes?

Thanks, MNHQ

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PuzzleRocks Thu 26-Jan-12 13:17:44

Thank you for the opportunity to product test. DD1 (4) has asthma and allergies and so you can well imagine we get through a lot of tissues.

The pocket size were most handy as they fitted into her coat pocket and saved me having to wad up loo roll each day. I would definitely purchase the balsam ones over regular as the constant wiping makes her face sore.
She particularly liked the balm as the skin around her nose is often red and chapped. It could have had a slightly stronger smell which would have better aided the clearing of her sinuses but overall it's a good product and one we will purchase.

The standard boxes were left on a shelf in the living room and on top of the fridge. I would probably not buy the "man size", the box being too large and I don't really see the need.

GentleOtter Thu 26-Jan-12 13:23:23

The huge box of tissues, handy packs and a tin of balm arrived to coincide with the January lurgy.

I liked the menthol ones best as you can smell the menthol despite having a stuffy nose. It is much gentler on the skin than Olbas Oil.

Dd liked the handy pack and it went in her schoolbag.

Dh, who is the most affected by this manflu heavy cold and has taken to carrying an entire roll of kitchen towels in his pocket did admit that the balsam tissues were softer on the nose than the kitchen roll.
Given the unholy amount of nasal secretions <coughs politely> that he seems capable of producing, dh has been relegated as out of the feedback and will be supplied with rolls of kitchen towel and a nose like Rudolph.

Youngest ds liked the smell of the balsam

The balm is fantastic for lip and nose and is in my handbag.

The big size box in the car (came handy at a funeral), a box in the living room and the balm ones are in the bathroom.

I would buy the menthol or balm tissues again as they are far softer and stronger than the supermarket basic buy ones we usually buy.

GentleOtter Thu 26-Jan-12 13:24:37

I forgot to say thank you. blush

PreHeatedOven Thu 26-Jan-12 13:30:08

Turns out I got struck down with some hideous head coldy viral bug the day after the boxes and balm arrived and I'm still snotty suffering!

Man size
Location: living room table.
Well these got used in a day! I never buy man size tissues but I will now, what a good size! I'm sure I don't have a sore nose due to these tissues!
Menthol tissues
Location: living room table.
I moved over to these after the man size as I was very stuffy. The smell isn't too strong nor do you get that burning menthol sensation. I cannot smell anything currently so perhaps they could have been a tad whiffier.
DS1- who is fussy by nature had no qualms about me wiping his nose with these. He hasn't got a red, sore nose either.
Location: Balm ones- car. Menthol: my handbag.
What's not to love about packet tissues?
Both packs have been used whilst I've been out and about, blowing my nose and sneezing everywhere, (lovely!)
Regular Balm ones
Location: Awaiting use!
I really do like the softness of the balm tissues but I do like the good size of the man size tissues.
Nose and Lip balm
Location: Banished to the kitchen junk bowl until further notice.
I CANNOT open the blinking thing. No one can! I was giving it to everyone I saw to have a go and even to work. No one can open it.
I'm not happy.

Overall: love the products, I have just right conditions to use them under and I definitely will buy again when one of the family is ill.
Such a shame about the lip and nose balm.
My lip actually spilt mid sneeze they are so dry so perhaps the balm would have been good.

PreHeatedOven Thu 26-Jan-12 13:30:40

Thank you very much also!

gingercat12 Thu 26-Jan-12 13:36:34

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?

Balsam tissues in regular are my favourites, as they are strong and the box is not too big, so I can put it nearly anywhere in the house.
I also thought the pocket pack were wonderful. They are even stronger than the ones in the box, but also very gentle.

How did you and your family use the products in the range? Can you give some examples of how you all used them - for example did any pocket packs go in school bags, does the lip balm live in your handbag or car? Where did you keep the boxes?

I did make a big mistake with my favourite balsam tissues in the box, and put them in the lounge on DS's table. DS thought they were wonderful, and used 3/4 of them apperntly to wipe his bum, but I really think he just put them in the bin. I was quite upset.

The mansize box is placed next to my bed, so DH and I can just have them out as and when we need it.

The fragranced boxed tissues are in the kitchen on the kitchen table. I do not like fragranced tissues, so they do not go as fast as the others.

The pocket packs are stored in the cupboard. I also keep one on the kitchen table in case somebody is in a hurry and they need to put it into their pocket or bag. (It is for me really.)

The story of the lip balm is not an entire family friendly one. Let us just say that I suddenly had to distract DS, so I showed him "the little tin" as we came to call it. DS was so amazed by it, I and DH and were so embarrassed at the time that we could not find the lip balm again for another day. DH finally found it in one of DS's bags, and I moved it into my work hand bag.
I think it is very good quality, but lipstick-styled lip balms are more hygienic when you are out and about.

gingercat12 Thu 26-Jan-12 13:37:46

I do not remember having the menthol pocket pack tissues, so they must be in the cupboard awaiting use. Will check.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 26-Jan-12 13:41:23

thanks for the feedback so far...anyone got any tips for PreHeatedOven on opening the balm?

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Fillybuster Thu 26-Jan-12 13:54:17

PreHeatedOven....just wondering if you had noticed that the balm has a screwcap style lid, not a pull-off one like Vaseline Other Brands? Easily missed through the cold-induced-fug smile

mamabearwithme Thu 26-Jan-12 13:59:58

The Kleenex menthol tissues were amazing. I was sceptical when I opened them as thought anything with menthol actually on it or in it, rubbing on a sore patch of sensitive nostril might not be too comfy, as menthol can be a bit over powering at times. BUT it was super soft and totally perfect for what we needed in the house at the time. Both kids had the pox and the tissues were good for the following…runny snot, sticky snot, dried morning snot, green snot, yellow snot, caked on snot and constant snot. Perfect for nose wiping, blowing, gentle chiselling and the delicate dab. All is now good in this snotty hood.
The washing machine died a death this week, so our clothing was limited. As we were running out the house, the littlest one wiped bogies on my black top. First thing to sight was the big box of basalm tissues. I did a quick I-swore-I-would-never-do-what-my-mother-used-to-do-but-I-actually-do-do lick on the tissue, quick once-over the black top and it worked! It didn't leave any of that annoying white tissue fluff or nowt and the bogies vanished.
Thanks so much for the trial.

inmysparetime Thu 26-Jan-12 14:04:44

the tissues were nice and soft, and easily withstood a good blowing. They didn't disintegrate, and I could smell a hint of menthol even with a cold.
The lip and nose balm was very effective (once we got it open).
I tried pulling the lid off, DH tried pulling the lid off then admitted I wasn't just being a wuss, then DH prised the lid off with a knife! There's now a big dent in one side, but as I looked more closely at it, it appears to be a screwcap. Could that be made more obvious please, as I'm not the only person who didn't get that.

CMOTDibbler Thu 26-Jan-12 14:26:40

I'm loving the balm tissues - am in Finland right now, and have a streaming cold which is not pretty in walking to the office in -9c. The olbas oil tissues which I found in my handbag first gave me an unattractive aura and made my face sting, but the balm tissues don't make me smell with one up my sleeve and I'm not bright red of nose. The tin of balm is not going well as I can't hold it with my disabled hand, and you can't open it one handed.
The other tissues are sitting by the side of the sofa at home, and prove to be nice and strong for cat sick picking up (DH tested) and ds snot wiping

iklboo Thu 26-Jan-12 14:56:51

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?
Definitely the balsam fresh tissues. They smelled good, were very soft on the skin and did the trick of helping to unblock DS's slightly stuffy nose.

How did you and your family use the products in the range? Can you give some examples of how you all used them - for example did any pocket packs go in school bags, does the lip balm live in your handbag or car? Where did you keep the boxes?

I snaffled kept the balsam fresh handypack in my handbag to use at work.
DS took the balsam handy pack to school with him. He thought they were lovely & soft and didn't make his nose all red.

We've got the balsam fresh regular pack upstairs in DS's bedroom for the night time snuffles & blocked up noses - his room smells great!

We've got the balsam regular pack upstairs in our bedroom for me and DH to use. So soft & strong and have many uses!

The mansize ones are downstairs in the living room. The cats like them. Not that the cats blow their noses (to my knowledge), but they're great fun for shredding up & running round the front room with. In their designed function as tissues, they are great. Probably the softest we've tried and very strong.

The balm - DS has been using it on his lips, chapped chin (don't ask) and nose. It doesn't have a nasty smell and isn't very greasy. He loves it - although agree the screw cap is a bit of a pain when used to other brands 'pull off' style.

Many thanks for letting us try the product!

norriscoleforpm Thu 26-Jan-12 15:33:56

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?

I really liked the balm - it was so 'discreet' in its taste is you know what I mean!

How did you and your family use the products in the range? Can you give some examples of how you all used them - for example did any pocket packs go in school bags, does the lip balm live in your handbag or car? Where did you keep the boxes

Luckily, (sort of) dd6 went down with a hideous cold which turned into a raging chest infection the day we got them, so we went through the man size almost straight away - she was vomiting snot all day and they really were strong enough to wipe it up and soft enought to soothe her poor nose sad DH took the pocket packs to work (having broken his nose several million times playing cricket, he is constantly blowing it). The menthol stayed in the front room and were grabbed at random by visiting children and son! The first time ds used one he looked very confused and said 'this smells funny', I pointed out the reason and he added 'funny but really nice'. The lip balm is in my desk drawer at work.

One minor niggle, they were a bit tricky to pull out of the box sometimes.

helenthemadex Thu 26-Jan-12 16:14:17

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?

I liked the balm best, my daughter aged 6 has a horrible time in the winter with colds and constant runny nose, her nose and lips get very sore but she said it didnt hurt when I used the balm and it definately did not look as sore.

She had the pocket pack in her school bag and said they were lovely and soft and didnt hurt her nose

the regular tissues were on a table in the sitting room and used by my children and visitors, they are a good size and didnt fall apart when used they felt soft and users all said they felt soft when used

I gave the menthol and mansized to my parents who both had stinking colds they said they were much softer than the others they had been using and the menthol tissues were lovely, the smell was not over powering

will ensure that I have the nose and lip balm to prevent sore nose and lips next winter

thank you for including us in the test

EquestrianStatue Thu 26-Jan-12 16:41:13

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?

The pocket tissues and the balm are my personal favourites. The tissues in the handbag-sized pack seem a bit stronger than the ones in the box. I find they're coming in very handy for the watery eyes/runny nose my 15mo gets when we're out and about in the pushchair, though I'm not going to use the menthol-scented ones on him as they seem a bit strong.

DH has a rotten cold atm and the mansize box of tissues are perched on the arm of our sofa, in pretty much constant use! He says he prefers them to supermarket own brand as they don't fall apart after they've been used.

I do like the smell of the menthol ones but as I said, I don't think they'd be suitable for a young baby's face.

EquestrianStatue Thu 26-Jan-12 16:42:30

Sorry, forgot to paste the question before adding my second paragraph of feedback there.

ChippyMinton Thu 26-Jan-12 17:23:13

< wipes snot marks place on thread>

MildlyNarkyPuffin Thu 26-Jan-12 17:37:05

Not a tester


I got some of the menthol tissues as a substitution on an internet shop. They're absolutely fine to sniff but I was wary about the menthol getting near little eyes. I gave them to DH ... who got the menthol in his eyes and said it didn't sting at all.

MotherPanda Thu 26-Jan-12 18:15:23

I'm very suspicious as I went down with a rotten cold the day after the tissues arrived... did you send a virus in the post?

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?

I love the balm - it smells like bees wax to me and keeps my lips soothed for longer than my aloe vaseline. the tub is tricky to open though - one for small fingers me thinks, it also takes concentration to screw it closed properly.

How did you and your family use the products in the range? Can you give some examples of how you all used them - for example did any pocket packs go in school bags, does the lip balm live in your handbag or car? Where did you keep the boxes?

lip balm went in babies change bag so i always had it with me, popped the balsam pocket tissues in DHs work bag, and the menthol ones in myb coat pocket. the big box is in the kitchen, small box in the living room and the menthol box is on the sofa with me!

I've tried olbas tissues before - which really hurt your eyes, but I found the kleenex menthol much gentler, no eye stinging at all!

I generally used value tissues before - so always get a rough red nose, but so far I don't look ill, they are nice and soft.

Brambleschooks Thu 26-Jan-12 18:19:01

Which did I like best? Pocket pack. I've had a funeral, a vile allergic reaction to dust and general life to deal with and they fit neatly in a pocket/handbag.

Loved th nose balm as I'm getting rid of a dreadful cold.

Menthol ones next to the bed to help with sniffles. They shredded a bit as they came out of the box to start with. Pocket pack menthol at work to help with my dust allergy which fills my head with snot when the caretakers been cleaning my room.

Balm ones in the kitchen for everyone to use - they were even used for light dusting by ds2. Came in very handy last night when I was watching obem and sobbing a bit.

Large ones came with me to a 'young voices' concert. We took 120 children and they came in for everything from wiping noses, hands, faces after food, tears from teachers watching the children thrive and to unfortunate post chunder faces on the coach home. Lovely and soft, big enough for the job.

Can't leave tissues on the table as the cat eats them - she takes longer to get through the Kleenex ones, obviously great quality.

Loved the pocket packs though and will buy them again, not flimsy and one does the job well without shredding.

Lovely, soft and gentle on the nose and face.

asuwere Thu 26-Jan-12 19:45:44

When I first opened the parcel, there seemed to be a strong smell of menthol but I was quite glad that the tissues weren't that strong on their own - just enough I think.

The menthol box is in my bedroom - I was a bit wary about using near eyes but they seem to be ok, although I still wouldn't use them specifically for eyes so maybe not great for wiping tears but won't sting if that's all you have. (if that makes sense?!)

The mansize tissues are still unopened - I'm not a fan of mansize as always feel they're a bit of a waste when wiping little people's noses.

The regular balm ones are in the kitchen for all to use. I was quite shocked as I expected to feel some kind of residue on them but they are actually just really soft. To be honest though, I'm not sure I would be able to tell the difference between them and a non-balm one if I hadn't seen the box.

The pocket packs are fab, I don't know how I would cope without pocket packs, I have them everywhere. These ones though, I have put the menthol ones in the car glovebox and the balm ones are in my bag. Both have proved to be useful already!

I love the balm the best. I love the fact it's a screwcap - makes it much easier to open and doesn't open on it's own in my bag (where it lives!). None of my kids minded getting it on their noses which was good - they do complain when I use tiger balm which does smell quite strong, the Kleenex one seems to be quite muted. It's also not as greasy/shiny as using vaseline which is a bonus!

Thanks to Kleenex and Mumsnet for choosing me, I've enjoyed trying them all out and has saved me remembering to buy tissues for a short while smile

Luciferswench Thu 26-Jan-12 20:41:06

So, which product did you like the best from the range? Why?
The new Balsam fresh ones have to be my favourite out of the products followed by the lip/nose balm. With the balsam fresh tissues i no longer need two products to do one job as these do both. So bye bye messy menthol oils hello balsam fresh tissues. My eldest son aged 13 was very impressed with the balsam fresh ones and has asked if i can purchase these ones in future as his nose doesnt feel as sore and the menthol helps with the stuffiness.

How did you and your family use the products in the range? Can you give some examples of how you all used them - for example did any pocket packs go in school bags, does the lip balm live in your handbag or car? Where did you keep the boxes?
The mansized balsam box took up residence in the living room the hub of the household along side the balsam fresh as that room as a high level of traffic the regular balsam went on the landing to stop them using the toilet rolls for nose wiping. The balsam fresh pocket pack disappeared into my handbag they must have fell in there honest wink and my eldest son who has a stinking cold took the regular balsam ones when he couldnt find those fresh ones im not sure he belived me when i said i hadnt seen them shock The normal tissues have been used for general nose wiping and sneezing where as the balsam fresh have been in great demand by myself and my 13 year old who are currently suffering with a horrid cold.
I only have to fight my 5 year old daughter for the lip balm luckily and im taller than her so high hiding places are currently favoured wink

Im very impressed with the new range and im very greatful i got to try these i am a convert to kleenex - i hope the balm is available in the shops smile

EquestrianStatue Thu 26-Jan-12 21:07:42

MildlyNarkyPuffin, thankyou for that tip! I wear contact lenses and don't have v good judgement on eye-stingy things (can peel an onion without so much as a sniff, etc).

The balm - I love this! It doesn't seem to get too greasy like Vaseline does, and I like the very mild scent/flavour. I've been putting it on my lips as they get a bit dry with all the central heating/walking in the cold wind etc. and it works a treat. Makes a nice base for lipstick too.

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