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Paul McKenna - Live webchat and opportunity to join google hangout, Monday 7 January 12.45 pm

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Jan-13 12:32:24

To kick off the new year we're delighted that Paul McKenna will be joining us again to talk us through his latest venture, Hypnotic Gastric Band which Paul describes as 'the closest thing to real magic that he's ever witnessed'

Hypnotic Gastric Band is step-change in helping people achieve and maintain permanent, healthy weight loss. The audio programme and book offer 'a psychological procedure that convinces the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted, so the body behaves exactly as if it were physical present'.

The procedure recently caused a stir in the States when Paul demonstrated the procedure on the Dr Oz Show and he's anticipating a similar response as the book is launched this week in the UK. The webchat will take place between 12.45 and 1.45pm on Monday 7 January. Join Paul then or post a question in advance of the webchat to this thread. Everyone who joins in the discussion will be entered into a draw to win one of five copies of the book.

After the web chat is over, we're giving four people the opportunity to talk directly to Paul McKenna over webcam in a live Google Hangout at 2pm.

If you've never seen a Google Hangout before, it's essentially a group video chat that anyone can watch. You can see an example here.

To be able to take part, you do need...

* To be available on Monday at 2pm

* To have a webcam either in, or attached to, your computer

* To have a good internet connection (wired, ideally, but wifi is OK if it's a top-notch signal)

You don't need to have a Google+ account set up right now. We can talk you through how to set it all up nearer the time.

If you'd like to take part in our Google Hangout with Paul McKenna please email us on We'll get straight back in touch to talk you through what you need to do next. Everyone who joins in the hangout will receive a copy of Hypnotic Gastric Band

And we'll let everyone know more details on when and where you can watch the Hangout in a few days' time.

ppeatfruit Thu 03-Jan-13 13:51:50

Hello Paul it is fantastic that you're on here live! i've lost nearly 3 stone on your old 'I Can Make you Thin" way of eating and am maintaining with the help of a lovely thread on MN!

I DO also follow my blood type; and after discussions on the above thread we have decided that eating exactly what you WANT isn't as successful for weight loss as getting into a really healthy diet especially when you take into account the addictive nature of wheat and sugar. I wonder what your thoughts are?

sarahcrowe Thu 03-Jan-13 15:12:17

Hello Paul
I've just bought your Hypnotic Gastric Band book. My question is do I only listen to Track 2 once? I'm not sure it's working and wondered if I should listen daily!
Best wishes

Solo Thu 03-Jan-13 17:46:35

Hello Paul, Happy New Year!!! <stupidly excited!> I'm afraid I wont be able to join in the web chat; I'm sorry, I know you'll be disappointed! but my Dd is having her first ever birthday get together (she's 6) and I don't have a webcam anyway.

I am really very interested in your new HGB as I have lost 2 stones since your seminar two years ago (thanks for the tickets BTW), but I have struggled a bit and did regain a stone of that, but have lost 7lbs...just need another stone off.

So, I will be looking in later on Monday to see what your new thing is all about.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Jan-13 18:17:12

hi - just to be clear the webchat is open to everyone, webcam or not - simply post a question for him now if you want to or join this thread on Monday to take part online then.

Dottiespots Thu 03-Jan-13 20:13:58

Hi Paul.....Have you ever had a weight problem yourself and if so is that how you developed this way of eating. Thanks.

Deafworm Thu 03-Jan-13 20:38:25

Hi Paul, I'm curious about your new book but wondered if it would be compatible with Breastfeeding? I'm guessing not but as you're here it seemed worth asking smile

Also I want to thank you, I haven't lost a great deal of weight yet on icmyt which is partly due to lack of effort partly down to pregnancies but it has enabled me not to gain any more weight through my last two pregnancies, in the first 2 I gained about 4 stone so I'm very pleased its not more now. But mainly for your seminar tickets 2 years ago, you asked a lady to rate her attractiveness on stage and got everyone to join in, when you asked us to rate our own looks I cried, literally there in the Apollo I cried at how I felt, today despite the weight I can happily say I look in the mirror and see someone attractive, I haven't changed in the last 2 years physically but that day changed something in me, I have so much more self worth. Thank you

Deafworm Thu 03-Jan-13 20:57:12

Oh and can we please have an android app!

marmitetoastie Thu 03-Jan-13 21:05:10

Hi Paul,

When I go out, I'm always "the friend". You know, the nice girl that no one wants to actually date. Will your new book give me a killer pair of legs to add to my lovely personality?

I did lose weight with ICMYT but I went up and down like a yo-yo on it, every time I lost 10lbs, I put it back on again. What would you recommend for this type of threshold problem, where it all falls apart at the same point, again and again?

Thanks, MT

christmosschops30 Thu 03-Jan-13 21:45:40

Hi Paul just wanted to say a big thank you, last time you were on here I asked about my fear of flying and you recommended your app.

I now love flying, and can even take flights alone which I love cos then I really get to relax.
After that I did the give up smoking one. On 17th Feb I will have been smoke free for a year grin

Thanks again xx

Rosylee1976 Fri 04-Jan-13 07:32:18

Hi Paul

I know your ICMYT programme works as I have tried it on 2 different occadsions and have lost some weight. But despite what I can clearly see is success, I just stop following the programme for no apparent reason, even though it is a really simple, realistic, doable programme. I don't know if I am subconsciously self sabotaging myself or I am just plain lazy. I have about 12 stones to lose and I am wondering if your new book, the Hypnotic Gastric Band would help me, since I am too scared to try the real thing. I am not able to join the hangout, but really need some help or advice. Thanks, Rosy

ppeatfruit Fri 04-Jan-13 10:01:06

WoW christmasmosschops that is an inspiring story!!!

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 04-Jan-13 11:03:17

There's still spaces available to join the Google Hangout with Paul McKenna on Monday at 2pm. Read more about this in the OP and if you're interested, email us at

EggInABap Fri 04-Jan-13 12:01:54

Hi Paul

I had great success with your ICMYT programme before my wedding in July last year and I totally believe in the concept. The trouble is I am now in limbo as I've gone completely off track have put 2.5 stone on (which is a huge amount for me), I don't want to do a traditional diet since first reading your book but I can't seem to switch on to it again even after re-reading the book.

I look forward to hearing about your new method.

OnTheBusesOlive Fri 04-Jan-13 13:18:07

Welcome back to MN Paul.

We met on your previous webchat when I berated you for once comparing me to Olive from On the Buses in one of your stage shows. grin You're now mostly forgiven, especially having kindly let me have tickets for the seminar in Hammersmith, where I met some lovely MNers and ripped up my Weight Watchers card.

I found the ICMYT programme initially very useful, and have been on the MN "Pauling" thread on and off under various identities.

On the positive side, I have:

- Realised that I come from a family of emotional eaters, rationalised that food does not equal love, and have broken some nasty bingeing habits.
- become less obsessed with food
- Resigned from the clean plate club
- Learnt to understand hunger better
- Taken up regular exercise for the first time in my life and really enjoy it
- Cut down on wine significantly (I know this isn't part of your remit though)

On the downside, however:
- I have lapsed from the programme. The very small amount of weight I initially lost has gone back on and some.
- I kept forgetting to listen to the CDs.
- I still can't bear to look at myself in the mirror.
- I feel like I'm back at square one.

I definitely need a kick start of some sort, so would like to ask how is the gastric band hypnosis experience different to the ICMYT programme? In particular, do you have to keep listening to CDs? And have you done any research to see how long the effect lasts?

I'd love to join the google hangout, but a) for various reasons, I can't blow my anonymity and b) those webcams can make your face look really fat.

OnTheBusesOlive Fri 04-Jan-13 13:19:25

Bloody hell, that was an essay, not a post.

NettleTea Fri 04-Jan-13 15:01:55

Hi Paul.

I have tried various 'fad' diets and 2 years ago lost 3 stone with weight watchers.

Most of my life I was a size 10 and I had never needed to watch my weight at all, but I lived with alot of stress (both work but mainly home related) and once I shifted the ex husband and the adrenalin was gone, my weight ballooned by 3 stone in as many months.

When I did weight watchers in the past the weight came off easily, and after 6 months I was back to my normal healthy weight, which was maintained until I stopped smoking this Feb, and again the weight piled on in a ridiculously short time and I am back where I started. In addition I personally fel as if my whole metabolism/every body system had ground to a halt, and I could almost feel myself streched to capacity from inside. It was horrible.
Ironically through the summer I was more active than I had been for quite a while, but it had no impact on my weight. Again I tried some of the 'fad' things which had worked in the past - such as early stage, no carbs atkins for a month - nothing. I returned to weight watchers 6 weeks ago expecting the same results as before, and this point 2 years ago I was almost a stone down. This time I have lost a total of 2 1/2 lbs. I am doing everything right - weighing, tracking, keeping within allowances - even my leader has looked at my book and cant understand what has happened.

I feel as if my body needs a jump start to begin working again - I feel as if I am putting petrol in the engine, but the ignition wont work. Do you think NLP would work for me? Do you think that the stress and emotional stuff has created some sort of deep seated issue with my metabolism? Ive had blood tests in the past and nothing untoward has shown up. And if it was a good idea, whats the way to go ICMYT or your new programme?

oh, I can sleep either, not since my second pregnancy 7 years ago, which probably doesnt help! (Ive applied for the hangout and fully accept Im going to look fat!!)

whomovedmychocolate Fri 04-Jan-13 15:41:27

I'd like to take part, I do G+ Hangouts every day at work - it's a breeze folks. Will you send out a PM or something MNHQ? Or just post here?

My question is this: I'm thin now. I was overweight, ranging towards obese for 20 years. I had to get over my issues which lead me to be fat before anything else would work. I think the problems with weight are based around the head not the stomach! wink Shrinking (virtually or surgically) the stomach just means you fill a small bowl more unless if you don't address the psychological issues which cause the mindless eating.

Convince me otherwise. smile FWIW I did lose a lot of weight on the previous PM system, but it didn't really come good for me till I realised exactly why I was self-sabotaging and accepted the consequences of me not doing that anymore which were wide ranging and intensely painful.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 04-Jan-13 15:43:23

OnthebusesOlive how the heck are you? I've been AWOL a while with real life stuff. But I'm back (sort of).

ppeatfruit Fri 04-Jan-13 16:22:01

WMMC!!! see you on our thread again then??!!!

Solo Fri 04-Jan-13 16:50:07

<waves> Hiya WMMC, Olive, Rosy and any of the regulars past and present from the PMK threads! grin nice to see you all!

timidviper Fri 04-Jan-13 17:55:35

Hi Paul, I work in healthcare and am amazed at the number of people I see who think a gastric band is a magic wand which I am sure you'll agree it is not!

To be overweight you have to eat more than you need i.e. eat when not hungry. A gastric band removes hunger but it does not remove the urge to eat IYSWIM. How does this system deal with that? Is it just convincing you that you are too full to eat or does it somehow address other "hungers"

OnTheBusesOlive Fri 04-Jan-13 19:08:15

<waves to all> Nice to see you all, and wmmc I'd spotted you were back t'other day. In answer to your question: I'm still fat and still look a bit like Olive. wink Or maybe Hattie Jacques. (Sorry for hijack)

timid and wmmc I think those are very good points about the gastric band concept. As a lifelong emotional eater, what I liked about PMK's I Can Make You Thin system was that it focussed on improving self esteem and isolating real from emotional hunger. Even if it hasn't worked for me. Yet?

I need to dig out my head phones and listen to those bloody trances don't I?

whomovedmychocolate Fri 04-Jan-13 19:11:07

God knows Olive. What worked for me was finally accepting that things would fall apart whether or not I ate the cake and deciding I'd cope better with things if I could at least conceivably run away because I wasn't the size of a double decker bus. (This sounds very negative but was a positive awakening. It solves nothing you know, it just makes you feel like shit carrying around extra weight.)

OnTheBusesOlive Fri 04-Jan-13 19:36:47

"What worked for me was finally accepting that things would fall apart whether or not I ate the cake". Wow. Hope things haven't been too traumatic for you, lovely. But I can see what you are saying.

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