suspected miscarriage

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shaz1989 Mon 19-Aug-19 09:47:32

I started bleeding last week brown discharge and then had a few times of redder blood with stringy dark blots of blood in it, the bleeding is not heavy and comes and goes and only when i wipe its not on clothing.
Midwife said i need a scan in 2 weeks but i am struggling to cope as i suffer with depression i feel lost
can anyone help me ?

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Blaanotnow Sat 21-Sep-19 06:42:00

1. Congratulations on your pregnancy flowers

2. Bleeding can be normal but it is always best to get checked. Well done for doing that. The wait is horrible. But why wait for 2 weeks? I have always bleed during early pregnancy but I used to get referred to early pregnancy unit and get a scan few days later. Maybe going to your gp can help. Tell them you are bleeding and you can even ask help for depression. Being pregnant can sometimes fast track you for counselling.

3. You posted in the wrong section and I reported this and I hope it gets moved to the right section soon. So you get more replies.

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