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Is the Government #Fair4Families? Campaign calls for 'triple lock' to protect families - what do you think?

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MylinhMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 09-Apr-13 16:03:38


We've been asked to support a new campaign #Fair4Families, launched this year by the organisation 4Children. The #Fair4Families campaign calls for the Government to use the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) scheduled for 2013 to put families at the top of their agenda.

4Children tells us that the CSR in 2013 will be hugely important in setting the political and policy agenda for the coming years. The #Fair4Families campaign is backed by a number of supporters who believe that the Government should invest in services and support for families with children, and they are calling for a "triple lock" for families. This means:

1) Families with children are recognised as assets that contribute to our economic and social recovery. In practice this means long-term support in childcare, greater investment in housing, early intervention to cut the cost of social failure, and a credible strategy to eradicate child poverty.

2) Crucial family services are protected from spending reductions for the spending review period, which includes free early years childcare and Sure Start Children's centres.

3) The Government make a commitment that no further spending reductions will be sought through real term cuts to benefits paid to families with children.

We want to hear your views on this campaign - do you support its agenda and call for a "triple lock" assurance from the Government? Has your family been feeling the pinch on your finances, or are you concerned by future cuts to services your family relies on? And most importantly, do you want to see Mumsnet support the campaign?

Please post your thoughts below. For more information, see the #Fair4Families website.


BumpingFuglies Fri 12-Apr-13 12:52:23

Yep, I'm in. Their website wants a grammar check though smile

mousebacon Sat 13-Apr-13 22:21:52

I do think family services should be protected. The cuts to surestart programmes will really hit those families who need them the most.

My local council has been forced to cut a third of its budget which equates to £90 million. This means that, in my local area, libraries, leisure centres, swimming pools and surestart centres are all being closed. That's not to mention the 100% cut to the arts budget (although this has been heavily opposed). What will families do? Where will they go?

Count me in.

BumpingFuglies Wed 17-Apr-13 11:28:30


timidviper Thu 18-Apr-13 17:10:02

I'm kind of with you but it makes me nervous to protect any one group in case that then becomes at the expense of others IYSWIM. I would like to see families protected but would also like to protect those with disabilities, young adults, the poor, etc.

I am just mindful of the current "can't touch anything to do with pensioners" debacle and would like any protection or cuts to be proportionate to all.

IceNoSlice Thu 18-Apr-13 19:41:32

I'm with timidviper in that I agree in principle but am unsure about protecting families above other groups eg disabled.

I will also probably get flamed for this but I think our local children's centre is very badly run and inefficient. I can see that, done well, it could be a great resource. But at the moment it seems a bit of a waste of public money to me. The children's activities at the library are far better. And i would rather protect our library which isn't mentioned in this campaign. So my personal experience would put me in two minds about blanket support of this campaign.

Piemother Thu 18-Apr-13 19:53:27

I support it. The Tories have been gunning for sure start since its inception. However I agree its kit always run very efficiently and that needs attention.

Gemd81 Thu 18-Apr-13 21:06:40

I'm in for triple lock but a lot of the damage has already been done by the out of touch etonian Tory boys I'm never voting Tory ever again!

stubbornstains Thu 18-Apr-13 21:18:58

We certainly need something to combat the "children are a lifestyle choice" brigade.

ThePskettiIncident Thu 18-Apr-13 21:39:18

It's great, but I'm feeling so worn down and beaten by the government that I feel like it's hopeless to campaign. I know that sounds dreadful but I've been badly hit financially and universal credit brings more bad news.

How do you get up when:

Your career is cut to shreds through lack of funding
Your right to legal aid is removed
Your benefits are cut nationally and locally
Your access to social settings e.g sure start is shredded
Your library is cut
Your access to crisis loans is gone
Your opportunity to retrain is taken away due to major education cuts
Your access to nhs provision is cut so you can't get to see an out of hours doctor and your hospital is threatened with closure
You can't drive any distance to work because fuel costs too much
You can't take public transport for work or leisure because it's all been cut to shreds
You can't get a decent wage and your employment rights are lessened due to changes in the law

It's shit out there for everyone and whilst the majority of people are suffering, the rich minority including our government are getting richer and richer. And worst of all, people are becoming more and more divided, encouraged to turn on each other by right wing media.

I think civilised social media campaigns may give way to direct action, in fact I almost wish it would.

Pleasesleep Fri 19-Apr-13 18:45:51

I'm in too. Definitely think this is a good idea.

BumpingFuglies Tue 23-Apr-13 22:34:31

Bumping smile again

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