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I've just found out I teach identical triplets. And not because I noticed or anything, but another teacher told me.

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BellaBear Wed 30-Sep-09 18:59:02

How crap are my observational skills?

To be fair, two of them are in a class I only teach once a week and I didn't do the seating plan so I didn't notice the surnames.

But seriously, that's rubbish!

(Not going to do anything about it or anything. I'm not going to start saying 'ooooh you're a triplet!!' I just thought it was funny I hadn't realised by looking. The other teacher said something about 'the triplets' and I said 'who are they then?' and she said 'well you teach all of them!' grin)

NaptimeRocks Wed 30-Sep-09 19:02:40

That is funny!

When I was teaching in a secondary school, I once told off a kid for being late and he looked very bemused and muttered something quite rude in response. I was shocked, as I thought he was a delightful child.

It turned out, this had been his identical twin (who, in fairness, had thus not been late) and apparently the twin I didn't know and didn't teach was the evil one and I taught the nice one.

It totally freaked me out at the time, but other teachers thought it hilarious!!

madwomanintheattic Wed 30-Sep-09 19:02:50

that's really funny grin did you assume it was the same child and wonder why they were scheduled for x three times a week? or were you thinking 'goodness me - it only seems like yesterday she was in the class. i can't believe this week has gone by so fast!'

(or do you need a trip to specsavers?) wink

madwomanintheattic Wed 30-Sep-09 19:04:29

lol at naptime. 'it must have been my evil twin' indeed...

BellaBear Wed 30-Sep-09 19:04:58

specsavers - I have met over 150 new students owing to new job and I jsut did not notice. I did not even notice that the two in teh same class are identical

dear oh dear

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