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Is the leebrus zoom (twin) buggy any good?

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g4grapes Wed 17-Sep-08 22:11:07

Hi, am new to Mumsnet and to internet messaging in general, but can understand that it could be a life line!! Am expecting twins in December and also have a 2 year old girl. I was wondering if anyone had experience of the Leebrus Zoom twin buggy, as it seems expensive (as they all do!) and don't want the huge payout if it then turns out to be heavy, hard to push, folds to the size of a small elephant etc. wink Please help!! as this whole twins thing is getting slightly overwhelming, and this is something I can be practical about.

Cat1971 Sat 02-May-09 19:20:00

Hi all, have been reading this thread with interest and was very keen to buy a ABC Zoom. I was told today by an independant pram store that ABC Design have gone into liquidation about 6 weeks ago - has anyone else heard this?

Patti70 Mon 04-May-09 11:50:35

ABC Design haven't gone into liquidation, they are the company that designed the buggy and are based in Germany; very much alive and kicking!! However Leebruss the company that distributed ABC Design goods in the UK have gone into administration, I visited their showroom just before it happened and the man said it was just sad that all their other buggies didn't do aswell as the Zoom, (it didn't click until a couple of weeks later when I heard that they'd gone under). Anyway there must of been some sort of deal done and now Mothercare are stocking the Buggy for the UK, although they are only selling it online. Hope this helps!!

nappyaddict Mon 04-May-09 12:07:19

My friend had the Zoom and found it difficult to manoevere as it is so long. Also the backrest has an angle of 110 degrees so it is only really suitable from 6 months.

Other alternatives are inglesina domino

Team Alu S4

Vector Duo

Sunsun Thu 05-Nov-09 12:04:35

Looking for Zoom pushchair. If Patti70 can message me where we can get them for 570 and if the sites are still valid that would be great. The prices seem to be going up each year.


CarolineRed Thu 29-Apr-10 16:38:52

Does anyone know where you can see this buggy in any stores near the London area? I like the look but want to see it in the flesh which is proving difficult. x

snoekpie Thu 18-Apr-13 14:45:53

hi guys i have a leebruss zoom buggy for sale. not expensive i think at £125. my twins loved it as it is so comfortable and practical. i dont like one to be hidden underneath not having the same view. I am near belfast. would highly recommend this pram for twins from birth to 3 xx

Serenani Thu 13-Jun-13 21:44:47

Hi snoekpie, do you still have the pram for sale ? Xx

Serenani Thu 13-Jun-13 21:46:38

If you do could you please email me on xxx

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